Following up on the success of Relic Hunters Zero, Brazil-based developer Rogue Snail will be releasing Relic Hunters Legend for Steam Early Access sometime during Q3 2020.

Relic Hunters Legends will feature top-down shooter action, while combining looting with “deep RPG elements and aspects of vertical-3D gameplay.” There is also a multiplayer component to the game, with players joining forces as a group of unlikely heroes who travel through time to take on the Duke Ducan and what appears to be a massive army of evil mallards who have stolen the past.

Relic Hunters Legends looks to continue on the success of the first game, which won a BNDES Entertainment Game award at the 2015 Brazil’s Independent Game Festival. It seems as though it’s on the right track, given the fact that Relic Hunters Legends has already earned Best in Play at 2019’s GDC Play.

It’s hard to imagine that Relic Hunters Legends will fail to deliver, given Rogue Snail’s track record. The studio was responsible for Dungeonland, which has held a spot on Steam’s top 10 best-selling games list.

The game is currently in beta, so hopefully, we’ll be hearing more about Relic Hunters Legends in the coming months leading up to its full release.

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