The story of Remnant: From The Ashes is full of intelligent life that know of secrets from the past and future, as well as life that just wants to shoot and kill anything that moves. Video games and stories of all kinds have always had their wise old characters versus the loony, slightly-less-smart ones, to put it nicely.

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Some of these NPCs may not be seen for their knowledge at first encounter or at all if the player decides not to interact with them. The characters listed can range from potential bosses to mere merchants. After all, one does not have to look grandiose to be wise.

10 Reggie

Coming in as last but not least is Reggie. He isn't the dumbest of the bunch, but a more mundane option. The smooth voice of Dave Fennoy and the sad memories of Lee Everett help players feel as though Reggie has been through a lot and has a lot of wisdom to share.

While the state of the world is in utter panic and disarray,  most NPCs on Earth and in Ward 13 are always ready for battle and have clear fears about what's to come. Reggie, on the other hand, always seems calm and comforting. It comes off as if he's intelligent because he understands how to be happy and why it's important to be.


9 Wallace

Wallace doesn't know he's smart, and neither does anyone in Ward 13. Or most players, for that matter. If the player decides to converse with Wallace after the main cut scenes with him are over, it's revealed that Wallace may just be another Dreamer.

When exploring the lower levels of Ward 13 players find out that the start of the Root problem on Earth was due to wrongful experimentation on Dreamers. Dreamers can traverse through different realms and tie themselves to beings. Wallace has a lot of knowledge and insight, however, he doesn't really understand what they mean.

8 Pan Flutist

Nothing sounded so smart like this Pan's beautiful flute music. Everyone can agree that a mystical being that plays an ominous instrument in the middle of a war that's occurring throughout all realms is an intelligent creature. Whether it can be proven that he is or not, he just is.

Aside from his astute aura, he provides players with a musical challenge that involves memory and wits. Who knows how many other tricks he has up his sleeve?

7 The Undying King

As much as the lad comes off as stuck-up and arrogant, it isn't all for show. Well, most of it is. That aside, the Undying King clearly knows a great deal more than the player does. Asking questions is fruitless as he convinces the player to get them to do his bidding, but the answers definitely in his brain; he just isn't sharing.

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The character that gamers control may have their own backstory, but it's minimal if not entirely forgotten when getting into the game. In contrast, the Undying King is very conscious of what's going on in the world/s and knows how to save himself at any given time. This makes players wonder what else he knows about what's really going on.

6 Pan Rebel Navun

This Pan is a revolutionist who helps the player figure out where Founder Ford is. She is a strong fighter who isn't afraid of anything. It can only be estimated how long the Pan of Yaesha live, but Navun has clearly lived through it all.

Navun fights for what's right and once again, knows more than the player does about what's going on in the realms.

5 The Iskal Queen

This swamp-fairy goddess has an entire army at her feet. If the player decides not to give her the Guardian's Heart, she does not retaliate but merely accepts what is. This may show some more emotional intelligence than that of the Undying King.

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The Iskal Queen wouldn't stoop so low as to fight with random humans over a heart when she can find other means to complete her mission. She even offers a spot in the Iskal for the player if they wish. The silence, openness, and acceptance the queen has for whatever faces her shows true smarts.

4 Founder Ford

Founder Ford probably has more information in his noggin than he would prefer. Leaving his family for months on end in search of answers is what lead him to his sad fate of sitting in a cell on Yaesha.

A sad man driven by adventure and the desire for knowledge, Founder Ford would stop at nothing to get to the truth. Ford may have made some stupid decisions, like abandoning his family, but if he didn't find out what he did and start the path to the end, where would the player be?

3 Mud Tooth

The old world has been long since forgotten, or so we think. Mud Tooth is the only sane person who has memories and knowledge of the world that used to be. He was there before the apocalyptic, Root-filled world seen today even took hold.

He may come off as a crazy old fool, but if players listen closely and understand where he's coming from, they will realize that Mud Tooth knows a hell of a lot.

2 The Root Mother

If the journals scattered throughout the world of Remnant: From The Ashes are read, it can be picked up that the Root Mother is both Commander Ford's grandmother and Founder Ford's wife. What? Confusing stuff, really.

She was but a simple woman that The Root took over. Her memories are all over the place, but she knows the Root better than anyone. She willingly sacrificed herself to be a part of the hive in order to slow its progress, but now she wants to be free of it.

1 Keeper Of The Labyrinth

The giant beast in the chair with weirdly human gestures knows all. He is known as the Keeper of The Labyrinth, which is the gateway to all other realms. This huge place of power could be abused by the wrong people, or maybe it already has been used in such nefarious ways. Either way, The Keeper saw it coming.

The Keeper warns the player that if they tell them any more, then fate might change. He knows what will happen, when, and how. He just sits and waits for everything to play out as it should.

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