Resident Evil Village has been out since the beginning of May and the game is doing incredibly well so far, both in sales and in its reception. Part of it is due to the more action-oriented gameplay in comparison to RE7, something not a lot of first-person games manage to pull off. But, a surprising amount of it also has to do with the cast of characters, each with their own backstories and mysteries.

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For example, you can find a Lady Dimitrescu super fan on just about every street corner. Thankfully, there are a lot of in-game journals and collectibles that elaborate on her, as well as everyone else. So, let’s go through and talk about some of the lesser-known side storylines in Village.

Disclaimer: There will be story spoilers in the latter half of this list, so be careful. 

10 George Trevor & Joseph Kendo Both Did Some Writing

Resident Evil Village: Finding Joseph Kendo's Book On The Shelf In Ethan's Home

Village takes place the furthest along the timeline than any of the other games. Because of that, we now know what Joseph Kendo, the brother of Robert Kendo from Resident Evil 2 has been up to. Joseph made custom guns like his brother, he even made the gun Leon starts with at the start of RE4. And, apparently, after getting far away from Racoon City, Joseph started writing gun-based books to help other people out there.

Then there’s George Trevor, the mastermind behind all the absurd architecture in the RE games like statues that open doors if you find their missing eye and so on. And, much like Joseph, there’s another book in Ethan’s home Trevor wrote that shows he knows a lot about European Architecture. Maybe this is inferring he had a hand in the Dimitrescu castle?


9 The Story Of Duke & His Original Concept

Resident Evil Village: Duke Looking Very Comfortable In His Wagon

Duke is the merchant in RE8, and he’s very memorable, much like the Ganado Merchant in RE4 was. But what exactly is Duke? The guy is very...well, large, there’s no denying that. But, is this due to a mutation from the Cadou, is it just his actual body weight, or it is something in-between?

Well, the answer isn't clear, but, it is known that Duke was originally planned to be a secret fifth Lord, but he was eventually repurposed as the game's merchant. But, there are still a lot of canonical clues that point to him being the fifth Lord. Duke is still allowed into every Lord’s territory, he’s invincible to bullet damage, and he oddly manages to get around quickly despite his size.

8 Heisenberg Knows About The Events Of RE5?

Resident Evil Village: Heisenberg Mentioning Chris' Boulder-Punching Antics

There are a ton of different references to other RE games hidden within Resident Evil Village. Some are more subtle, while others, such as Duke referencing the classic “What’re ya buyin’?” line from RE4, are a bit more on the nose. Side note, there's actually a mod that dresses Duke up in the RE4 Merchant's outfit as well.

Now, how many of you picked up on the line Heisenberg drops during his boss fight? Right after the factory explodes, Heisenberg calls Chris Redfield by name and talks about his “boulder-punching” antics from RE5. But, how would Heisenberg even know about that? It is possible Heisenberg knows a bit more about the world than he led on? Or is it just a cheeky reference to one of the biggest memes from the franchise that ignores the continuity?

7 Eva & Her Influence On Rose

Resident Evil Village: A Look At Eva Grown Up A Bit In The Epilogue

Remember, Miranda’s end goal was to use Rose as a vessel for her long-dead daughter, Eva. Eveline from RE7 was actually a failed version of Eva as well, but how is that even possible? Well, after Eva was buried, the mold supercolony absorbed the corpse quite quickly and stored the memories in its “data bank”.

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So, Miranda’s plan is to essentially “upload” her daughter from the mold storage into Rose’s body. However, the plan doesn’t exactly work, and the four Rose flasks recombine and come back up a fully-fledged Rose Winters. Odd though that the game never explains why uploading Eva in the Rose just magically failed to work. Well, it's likely there’s some part of Eva that still remains in Rose, but the question is, just how much is Rose and how much is Eva?

6 The Village Of Shadows Storybook Intro Spoils The Plot

Resident Evil Village: A Screenshot From The Village Of Shadows Book

The Village of Shadows storybook at the beginning of the game obviously plays into the events of the rest of the narrative, yet you’d be surprised just how many people forgot to connect the two. The white vampire bat is Lady Dimitrescu (along with her daughters the three smaller bats), the Dark Weaver is Donna (who was originally conceptualized to be the village doctor who sews in her free time), the gigantic Fish King is clearly Moreau, and the mechanical Horse is Heisenberg.

It also takes on more of a deeper meaning once you take into consideration that Lady Miranda, disguised as Mia, read this story about her own Lords to Rose. And, considering Miranda seemed to like that book, she likely saw herself as the mother in the story trying to rescue her dead daughter Eva, rather than as the Witch stealing Rose.

5 All Of The Enemies In Dimitrescu’s Castle Are Female

Resident Evil Village: A Close-Up On One Of The Creatures In The Castle

This is another snippet that players can quickly learn from Concept Art (unlocked after beating the game once), and that’s the fact that all the enemies in Dimitrescu’s castle are female. The wandering ghouls with swords/axes? Female. The flying creatures with the absurdly long tongues? Female.

It seems like Lady Dimitrescu makes a conscious effort to only eat the flesh and drink the blood of men and convert the women into her loyal ghouls. Just what is it about men that has this Lord and her daughters holding such a grudge?

4 The Dimitrescu’s Hatred Of Men

Resident Evil Village: Grabbing The Knife From The Corpse In The Coffin

Why is Alcina Dimitrescu so violent and spiteful towards men in the first place? From what is seen in the story, there’s no reason for it, yet she calls Ethan “manthing” at every possible opportunity. Well, based on some tidbits of info in the concept art and a lot of speculation, there may be an answer.

So, the knife that Ethan uses to seriously wound Alcina before her boss fight is being held by the corpse of a man kept in a coffin. But, if she knew this knife was her weakness, why would she keep it so close rather than just destroying it? Well, the theory is that this knife-wielder was someone Alcina either loved or trusted in the past that betrayed her and tried to kill her with this knife. It would explain why she hates men so much, and it would also explain why she didn't just destroy the knife in the first place.

3 Ethan’s Military Training

Resident Evil Village: Ethan Off-Handedly Mentioning His Military Training

So, during the events of the Baker Household in RE7, Ethan is just a normal guy trying to rescue his girlfriend. Well, players find out at the end of RE8 that’s not exactly the full story, but for the most part, Ethan plays the role of a very normal man. Well, in RE8, things have changed a bit. It’s a throwaway line in the first couple of minutes, but Ethan mentions going through military training with Chris before moving to their new home.

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This is likely part of the reason why Ethan faces all four Lords with such unwarranted confidence, and it shows a bit in the mechanics of the game as well. For example, in RE7, Ethan would reload his pistol by simply throwing away the old clip and replacing it with a new one. Now, in Village, Ethan takes out the old mag and holds onto it while putting in the new one. This shows a bit more training with firearms and more knowledge of how they work.

2 Ethan’s Blood Is “Stale”?

Resident Evil Village: Alcina Mentioning That Ethan's Blood Is A Big Stale

Speaking of the oddities of Ethan Winters, who would’ve guessed the guy had been dead since the beginning of RE7? This explains some long-time continuity problems fans have had with Ethan from the previous game where the guy kept losing appendages and slapping them back on like he’s in a Lego game.

Now, this twist isn’t revealed until the last hour or so of the game, but there are hints spread throughout for those on NG+ or another playthrough. In particular, the moment where Lady Dimitrescu sucks your blood and mentions that it���s “going a bit stale” makes a lot more sense now that people know that Ethan's blood is actually 3+ years past its expiration date.

1 Donna Beneviento's Oddities

Resident Evil Village: A Picture In-Game Of Donna Without Her Veil On Before The Cadou Mutated Her

Because of Miranda and the Cadou virus, Donna Beneviento was able to bring her favorite dolls to life. There’s a lot left unsaid about Donna, especially since her doll Angie seems to hog the spotlight. But, more than that, Donna seems to be fundamentally different from the rest of the Lords.

For example, players don’t see any piles of bodies, human experiments, and so on in her home. The worst shown is The Baby, but that was very likely a hallucination due to Donna's powers. Plus, Donna doesn’t turn into a crystalline sculpture upon her death like all the other mutamycete creations, nor does she have a monstrous final form like all the other Lords do.

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