As you kill enemies in Resident Evil: Village, they will occasionally drop Crystal Skulls. In the item description, Crystal Skulls are listed as valuables that you can sell to the Duke for some Lei, the currency in Village.

However, with Resident Evil's signature penchant for tricks and puzzles, you might be worried that these skulls will end up being useful later. After all, the franchise is known for making players solve puzzles in weird ways. This guide will cover everything that you need to know about Crystal Skulls in RE8 Village.

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Are Crystal Skulls Important In Resident Evil 8 Village?

Crystal Skulls are purely used to earn money from the Duke. They aren't needed for puzzles or story objectives throughout the main game, so you can get rid of them as you play. Inspecting them in the inventory menu doesn't reveal any secrets or extra items either.

The importance of Crystal Skulls should not be understated though. Throughout Resident Evil Village, you will need as much Lei as you can get your hands on, as the Duke will sell extra ammo, first aid medicine, weapon mods, and more. Skulls are one of the more common treasure types in Village and they sell for a reasonable 900 Lei each.

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Are Any Treasures Important In Resident Evil 8 Village?

The Duke from Resident Evil Village

Just like Crystal Skulls, any treasures that you find in Village can be safely sold for Lei. Whether you have doll parts, crystal fragments, or even Crimson Skulls, they are all valuables that you can part with for cash.

How To Get More Crystal Skulls In Resident Evil 8 Village

a werewolf in Resident Evil Village

Crystal Skulls regularly drop from enemies, so make sure that you are killing anything you come across. If you run away from lycans and zombies, you won't be able to get more Lei easily, which will make buying upgrades from the Duke very difficult. Fight and kill these common enemies to get various types of loot, including Crystal Skulls.


After beating the game, you will be able to start a new game plus. This will allow you to start a new playthrough, but you can use the weapons you earned on your original save. This means you can play the beginning of the story with powerful weapons, making Lei easy to farm. For example, you can kill the werewolves and Urias during the first Lycan assault at the start of the game to earn some easy Lei, and unlock the Timber achievement/trophy.

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