It looks like Respawn Entertainment has begun working on a new game, according to a recent job listing.

As tweeted by Respawn programmer, Steven Kah Hien Wong, the company is looking for a coder to work on a new IP. This puts to rest any speculation about the project being Titanfall 3. “Want to get in early and help build a new IP from scratch? We're a team of *5* right now looking for our 6th (a coder)!” tweeted Wong. The Tweet was Retweeted by Respawn head Vince Zampella, who said, “Looking for an exciting new opportunity? New Respawn project, super exciting stuff. Get in early!”

As for the job listing itself, the designation is that of Incubation Team Software Engineer, who will be responsible for various duties including, “building the foundations of the team. Serve on candidate interview panels for code and other disciplines, onboard future team members, and regularly iterate on our processes for these activities with the team.”

The only possible clue we have about this new IP from the job description is that Respawn is looking for someone to pioneer new ways to enable “adventuring until the heat death of the universe.” Then again, this could just be a quirky way for the company to attract new talent.

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Earlier this year, we reported that Respawn was working on a game that would allow players to continue "adventuring forever." The fact that both these terms do sound related might imply that this is the same game.

Earlier this week, Respawn dropped the trailer for Apex Legends: Legacy which revealed not one, but two new characters coming to the game. Valkyrie could be seen zooming around on a jetpack, which would give her aerial superiority against the other Legends. The trailer showed Valkyrie using cluster missiles, and also finishing Gibraltar off with her jetpack’s flames; perhaps this was a sneak peek at her abilities and execution.


Towards the end, the trailer revealed a familiar face from the Titanfall universe, Ash. They were seen watching over the ongoing battle from what appears to be some kind of control center. However, the biggest reveal from the trailer was a possible new game mode called Arenas.

Not much is known about this new mode, but since it involves Ash, it could be something akin to the original Titanfall multiplayer mode. Whatever it is, we’ll be getting a gameplay reveal for Arenas on Monday, April 26.

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