With the 2020 League of Legends season wrapping up, Riot teased the upcoming Victorious skin for players ranked gold and above. From the two images shown, Lucian seems to be the champion selected for the skin. Time for that last-minute climb.

The first image shows someone wearing a golden breastplate with a blue gem in the center. The champion seems to be a male with a smaller frame. This immediately rules out most female champions and larger champions like Garen and Mordekaiser. Not much more can be discerned from this specific tease considering how many champions have a similar body type. Zed, Xin Zhao, Aphelios, and many more have the frame to wear this type of armor.

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The second image basically confirms Lucian as the recipient of the skin. The image shows the lower right side of the champion, highlighting the blue and gold color scheme and more importantly, the blaster in his hand. The blaster matches the rest of the armor and the barrel is made up of a large crystal. The only male champion that uses a handgun as the one shows is the purifier himself. Jhin and Aphelios also use handguns, but the weapon shown looks nothing like Jhin’s hand cannon or Aphelios’ Severum. Unless Riot drastically strays away from these two champions’ original design, Lucian will receive the 2020 Victorious skin.

Riot explained their philosophy and decision-making around the annual Victorious skin back in 2017. Riot decides the champion in the Spring Split, as it takes time to design the skin. The team looks at champions with high priority in ranked and professional play and select one from that pool. The team rules out any champions that previously received a Victorious skin and any champion that will receive a skin around the same time the Victorious skin launches. The team avoids any champion with a small pool of skins like Illaoi and Aurelion Sol. Finally, Riot tries to avoid champions receiving large balance changes before the skin goes live. Riot said, “This is definitely the hardest criteria to figure out because balance can be fluid and we’re trying to predict the state of the game six months or so in advance.”


The final metric causes some confusion behind the Lucian pick. The AD carry was a situational pick in both professional and ranked play. Teams prioritized Aphelios, Varus, Senna, and Miss Fortune over Lucian. While Lucian can be flexed into other lanes, this rarely occurred in spring. The champion became a dominant pick after he received buffs well into the summer split.

Regardless, of the decision-making, the skin looks incredible. Lucian players in Gold+ will look lavish as they bully opponents out of the lane. For any player hoping to hit the rank threshold in order to receive the skin, good luck on the climb.

Sources: Twitter, Riot

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