Risk of Rain 2 has tons of items to unlock and secrets to discover. You've probably arrived at Rallypoint Delta before and noticed a chest that you can't open, reading -9:59.

If you're looking to get your hands on the secret inside this locked chest, you've come to the right place. Here's a complete walkthrough, including the rewards you can get from taking the time to open this chest.

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How To Open The Timed Chest On Rallypoint Delta

Rallypoint Delta

The Timed Chest on Rallypoint Delta can only be opened within ten minutes of starting a new run. You can keep track of how long you have left with the clock in the upper right side of your screen. Basically, you have to get to and open the chest before that timer hits ten minutes.

There are a few different ways you can accomplish this. If your main objective is just to open the chest, it is simple enough to make a beeline straight for the third stage. Just take care not to get distracted by other shiny items on the way.

Even when making your way straight there, there are unavoidable steps you have to take first, like finding the Teleporter. On big maps like Wetland Aspect, this is easier said than done. If you find yourself taking too long to find the teleporter, and your timer is drawing closer to ten minutes, there's no harm in starting over.


Also, try to find a Newt Alter on the second stage. Spending a Lunar Coin at the Newt Alter will open a portal to the shop when you finish the Teleporter event. From the shop, you can use Lunar Coins to guarantee the next stage you go to is Rallypoint Delta.

When you get to Rallypoint Delta, you probably won't have much time left to actually find the Timed Chest. Luckily, the chest can only spawn in one of three locations. It will spawn:

  • On top of the hill near the radar tower
  • Inside a half-buried container on ground level
  • Inside a container stacked on other containers.

The Timed Chest will also have flashing red lights near it, so use those to help you find it.

The Best Survivors To Use To Reach the Timed Chest On Rallypoint Delta

Loader in character selection screen

Because getting to the Timed Chest is all about speed, you'll want to pick a fast survivor. Loader or Huntress are your best options, with Loader being the preferred survivor to open the chest in time.

Loader's skills emphasize getting around quickly, which will make finding the teleporters and ultimately the Timed Chest much easier and faster.

Tip: Utilize Grapple Fist to quickly swing around the map, and keep your eyes peeled for the Teleporter.

If you get the chance to open any other chests, any movement speed-boosting items like Paul's Goat Hoof, Energy Drink, or Red Whip will definitely come in handy.

Rewards For Opening The Rallypoint Delta Chest

Preon Accumulator in logbook

By opening the Timed Chest, you will unlock the Preon Accumulator for future runs. Additionally, the chest always contains a copy of this equipment, so feel free to open this chest any time you are able to for a free Preon Accumulator.

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