Roald, the jock penguin from Animal Crossing: New Horizons, now works at Walmart. For some reason.

You wouldn't normally think of Roald as the ideal Walmart employee, but hear me out. He's got some pretty buff flippers and can likely lift heavy objects all day long, given how his home's interior is covered in enormously heavy ice sculptures and ice furniture. He'd also be ideal for the sports and recreation section of the store given his vast knowledge on the subject.

So yeah, maybe Roald working at Walmart is actually a great idea. Does Walmart have any rules that prevent penguins from working there?

Apparently not, since the official Walmart Twitter account recently offered Roald a position. The move comes after a Twitter convo started between the Roald fan account (@AC_Roald) and the official Walmart Canada Gaming Twitter account.

Roald and Walmart Canada are online buddies and frequently get into adorable conversations. Their latest exchange ended with a pic from Walmart Canada of Roald wearing a Walmart uniform. Roald then decided (unilaterally) that he worked at Walmart now.


And then came in the official Walmart Twitter account to actually hand Roald a job. "We’d like to welcome aboard our new b-b-buddy,” Walmart wrote, using Roald’s stuttering catchphrase.

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If you’d like to give your Animal Crossing: New Horizons islanders their own Walmart uniforms to turn your island into a walking Walmart advertisement, then Walmart Canada has got you covered. Use the below code and you’ll convert your island’s population into Walmart greeters.

But what goes around comes around. One Twitter user suggested that Walmart start making Roald shirts to commemorate their partnership. It’s only fair: Walmart gives Animal Crossing a shirt, then Animal Crossing gives Walmart a shirt. That’s how capitalism works in the Animal Crossing universe.

We might have to wait a while for Roald to come to Walmart in t-shirt form, but in the meantime, you can bring Walmart to your island.

Source: Gamespot, Twitter

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