Robcdee, an IRL streamer on Twitch, is developing quite the reputation for acting as a local hero. Already, there are multiple instances of Rob helping girls escape creepy stalkers and drunks on the streets of Tokyo. He even helped out a drunk stranger find his way to the station in the past. Now, he's reunited a lost child with his father. Ladies and gentlefolk – Rob is on a mission.

The English-born, Australian-raised streamer has been living in Tokyo since 2013, completely fluent in Japanese. This skill and life experience has helped him navigate through a number of odd situations, bringing his 30,000 followers around for the ride.

When biking around Tokyo, exploring some areas and wandering into some convenience stores, he eventually crossed paths with a crying kid. The distressed child was on a bike, calling out for his parents. "That kid's screaming. He's screaming for his mom." Rob was across the street at the time and asked chat, "should I go help him?"

He quickly made up his mind to help, even though someone else had already offered their phone to the kid for assistance. When he strolled up and offered to help, the lost stranger accepted. Despite some attempts to call them, nothing came of it and they took their bikes to retrace some past steps.

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On the way back to a nearby convenience store, the child explained to Rob (through tears) that he had lost his dad when he went to dispose of some recycling. It didn't take long for the pair to arrive at the spot where the father-son duo split, and within a few minutes, Rob identified the parent looking around across the street.


The kid cried out with joy and parted from Rob with a grateful "arigato gozaimasu" – or "thank you." The scene was surprisingly touching, despite the entire ordeal only lasting no more than 10 minutes.

Redditors hilariously compared Rob to "Mumen Rider," a fictional bike-riding hero from the anime One Punch Man. To oversimplify, Mumen Rider is a fan-favorite because of his big heart and willingness to do the right thing – no matter what. Mumen follows through with good deeds despite his status as an incredibly weak lower-class hero, inspiring many fans of the show. With any luck, Rob continues to similarly inspire his fans in real life through live-streaming his good deeds.

Sources: Twitch, Reddit

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