A professional Rocket League player was struck by lightning live on stream while casting a match last weekend.

Tell this gal to buy a lottery ticket because this is one a million. Karma, pro Rocket League player for Charlotte Phoenix and respected Twitch streamer, was announcing a professional match on Sunday, June 28 when she was seemingly struck by lightning through her controller.

Although Karma doesn't have her camera on due to casting the match, you can hear the lighting strike and then Karma's shout of surprise, along with the clatter of dropping her electrified controller to the floor. You can check it out in the video below, but be warned: this might be disturbing to some viewers.

After Karma takes a few moments to compose herself, she gets back on stream to explain what happened.

"Sorry guys, I am a little bit upset right now," she said. "Apparently my house got hit or something and it went through my controller and shocked my hand. I'm completely fine. I'm just kinda--I got scared. And also my hand burned for a little bit."

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As it turns out, it wasn’t Karma’s house that got struck. In a subsequent stream, Karma explains that it was actually her neighbor’s house that got hit by lightning and the subsequent electrical surge was enough to travel to her home and, through the electrical outlet and into her controller. This burned her hands, as you can see from the small brown marks on her fingers.


Also, it completely destroyed her controller. Sparks came out and everything.

Thankfully, Karma seems to be fine. She contacted her doctor following the incident to confirm what had happened and seek treatment for her electrical burns. Hopefully, this doesn’t negatively impact any of her future games.

Apparently, you’ve actually got pretty good odds to get struck by lightning at some point in your life. Karma is just one of the lucky ones.

Source: Twitch, IGN

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