Embracer Group’s… er, embrace, is about to get a whole lot bigger. The Swedish games megacorp recently released its second-quarter financial results for the period ending September 30, 2021, and its quarterly statement had a lot of very big numbers in it.

Net sales for Embracer were up 38% while its games business was up a whopping 89% compared to the same time last year to SEK 2.8 billion ($315 million). Saber Interactive, one of the many publishers Embracer owns, had a “record performance” in the most recent quarter and earned Embracer SEK 463 million ($52 million) alone.

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But the biggest and most noteworthy number in Embracer’s financials has nothing to do with money. Co-founder and CEO Lars Wingefors noted in a section devoted to mergers and acquisitions that Embracer is in active talks with other developers and has plans to keep buying up as many studios as it possibly can.

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"We continue to have a number of active dialogues with entrepreneurs, management teams and owners across gaming and entertainment about larger, more transformative transactions, which would create new operating groups,” wrote Wingefors. Embracer has purchased a total of 37 studios in the past 12 months, and he expects the company “to do a similar amount of transactions over the coming 12 months.”


In case you've never even heard of Embracer, they're the Swedish games megacorp that owns a lot of names you probably HAVE heard of. Koch Media (which itself owns Deep Silver, Flying Wild Hog, and Volition), Saber Interactive (which owns Aspyr, 3D Realms, Demiurge, New World Interactive, Fractured Byte, and Snapshot Games), THQ Nordic (which owns Experiment 101, Gunfire Games, Piranha Bytes, and Rainbow Studios), and Gearbox, not to mention Valheim publisher Coffee Stain, are all owned by Embracer Group, plus many more companies too numerous to list.

Another 37 would bring Embracer up to 136 publishers and studios.

But it's not all sunshine and rainbows at Embracer. The Saints Row reboot recently announced it was being delayed to next August to "create the best Saints Row game yet."

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