Now that Sora has come to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and finished off the second Fighter's Pass DLC, Masahiro Sakurai is celebrating being able to talk about games without constant speculation.

Earlier today, Sakurai posted an image on his official Twitter account. Although this would usually result in a horde of rabid fans wondering whether it means something for Smash, now that the DLC is over that saga has ended, something that Sakurai celebrates in the Tweet itself.

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The image is of Sakurai's cat next to a plush Among Us toy. Gamers will know that an image like this would have usually lit the internet on fire with speculation that Smash was going to get a whole lot more sus with the next DLC fighter. Well, that's no longer a worry and Sakurai can go about posting whatever he wants, something that he makes light of.

According to PushDustin's translation, Sakurai's image also makes fun of constant Smash speculation. PushDustin said, "Since the development of Smash Bros. is finished, Sakurai no longer has to worry about fans misinterpreting his tweets as hints for newcomers. So now he can tweet out these kinds of photos without any problems!

Let's be real though - even with Smash's DLC complete, there will always be some fans asking about what character is next for Smash, whether that be under the misguided belief that more content is coming to Ultimate, or for those gamers who are playing the long game and waiting for the next entry altogether. Just let Sakurai rest.

As well as this Tweet outright saying that Sakurai is letting himself enjoy more things without worrying about Smash fans, it's become pretty clear over the past few weeks that he's planning on taking a big break. It was revealed earlier in the month that Sakurai is planning on stopping his weekly Famitsu column now that development on Smash Bros has finished. He obviously isn't going to be working on any more fighters anytime soon.


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