Indie video game developer Kuklam Studios and publisher Games Operators recently announced Cryospace, an outer space sci-fi survival horror action RPG that is currently scheduled for a 2022 release. You’ll take on the role of an ordinary spaceship maintenance guy suddenly awakened from cryosleep, forced into a survival situation not only for you, but also for your crewmembers who remain in cryosleep.

Cryospace’s story “is heavily inspired by Alien and Philip K. Dick novels”, according to the notes for the CryoSpace - Official Reveal Trailer on IGN’s YouTube channel. The gameplay in the video also gives off solid Dead Space and Stasis vibes, which are some great vibes to have. As for survival horror, the best stories involve people who are not highly-trained warriors, and according to the Steam notes, here you are not a soldier, nor a fighter, just “an ordinary maintenance guy caught in the midst of strange events.”

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Cryosleep will feature an entire wrecked spaceship to explore, or run screaming in terror through, as the case may be. To survive, you’ll have to find supplies, solve puzzles, avoid traps, and find, fight, and kill alien creatures before they do the same to you. Thankfully, you won’t have to do it all alone, as you’ll also encounter a few other crewmembers also mysteriously awakened from cryosleep. But that also means you’ll have to find and secure more supplies and more weapons, all while also keeping an eye on the ship’s dwindling oxygen supply.

Also according to the Steam notes (Kuklam Studios doesn’t seem to have a website, Games Operators website doesn’t have Cryospace listed in their games’ library, and neither company has tweeted since May), you’ll be able to wake crewmembers from cryosleep, presumably those with a skill set needed to accomplish some task. You’ll also be able to return some crewmembers to their cryopods and hibernation, along with being able to use dead crewmembers in various situations.


Whatever you do, it’s all in an effort to answer the question of what happened to the ship. There’s still plenty of time for the dev and pub to dole out more info on Cryospace, and hopefully that’ll be soon.

Source: Steam

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