Sea Of Thieves was originally an Xbox One game released in 2018. Though it is now also available on PC, the majority of the players you'll run into in-game are console players. Your friends probably play the game on console because it was released there first, but don't sweat it. You're still able to add them with an Xbox account and play together.

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There's a Windows 10 Xbox application that allows you to access some games from your Xbox account and to group up with console players. Even if you're a PC gamer and don't own a console, you can make an Xbox account and play crossplay games with friends using this application.

Add Each Other With Your Xbox Accounts

windows xbox overlay adding friend

The first thing you need to do is to create an Xbox account if you don't already have one. If you have a Microsoft account already, this should be easy. Use this to sign in to the Windows Xbox application.

If you don't already have the application installed, you have to go to the Microsoft Store and search Xbox and Xbox Game Bar. This can be done with the Windows search engine on your taskbar. Open the application or use the shortcut keys to open the Xbox Game Bar (Windows icon + G).

Using the shortcut method to open the application, the Xbox Social tab will already be on the screen. All you have to do is insert the username of the person you want to add, like in the photo above, and follow them. Opening the application normally, you have to click Social at the top of the screen beside Game Pass. The console player can also add your username from their console. After this, you should be able to see each other as added friends.


The Xbox Game Bar is more efficient while actively playing a game since it's a shortcut overlay, instead of tabbing out into a whole other window using the normal Xbox application.

Use The Xbox Application To Invite Friends

windows xbox overlay invite friends

Once you're friends, all you have to do is right-click on your friend's username, press Game and then Invite To Game or Join Game. You can also join parties and voice calls using the Xbox application instead of resorting to the in-game voice chat and not being able to use Discord together. You do this by pressing Party and then Invite To Party.

Use Sea Of Thieves To Invite

sea of thieves set sails lobby

After you add them using the Xbox application, you don't have to continue using it other than to text message your friend. By adding them with your Xbox Microsoft account, Sea Of Thieves will automatically register them into a friends list.

When starting the game and waiting in a lobby, there's an Invite Friends option at the bottom of the screen. Usually, this list only shows your Steam friends. By linking your Xbox account and adding your friends onto it, Sea Of Thieves will show both Steam and Xbox friends alike. This makes it easy to crossplay invite without hassle.

Moving Your Copy of Sea Of Thieves From Console To PC (Or Vice Versa)

Because you can link your Xbox account to a computer, this means you can transfer some of your Xbox games to your PC as well. Games that are eligible for a second free copy on PC or Xbox need to say they support "Xbox Play Anywhere" on them and be a digital copy. You must also have the latest updates for Windows 10 and your Xbox.

Sea Of Thieves has Xbox Play Anywhere support.

Once you have all the latest updates and have purchased a digital game that supports Xbox Play Anywhere, the game should instantly be available in your library on the Windows Xbox application or on your console, once you log in. This works whether you purchase the game from your console or from the Windows 10 Microsoft Store.

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