Season 7 of Halo: The Master Chief Collection brings a pair of maps, some new cosmetics, and a brand new suite of modding tools for those looking to do something weird to Master Chief. We're not going to judge you or anything, but we will inform you of what tools 343 Industries have provided the Halo community with to do with as they please.

343 showcased four tools that have become free to download and install via Steam, and you don't even need to have installed the Master Chief Collection to use 'em. First up is Guerilla, a tool used to modify game content files called "tags" and do whatever you want with them. There are tags for enemy AI, textures, bipeds, and more. Halo modders are likely to be familiar with this one as it's been around for a while.

Next up is Sapien, a world/level editor that lets you populate weapons, enemies, vehicles, and whatever else you want in any given level. Next up is Tool, an appropriately-named modding tool that lets you make command-line-only actions such as importing source content to tag files or building map files.

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The new tool that 343 Industries revealed today is something called Standalone. It's basically a development build of the game that runs on tag files instead of completed cache files so that you can see how your mod runs without having to compile everything first. 343 warns that it can only deal with single-player levels and won't even load multiplayer levels at this time, although you could technically load a multiplayer level into Standalone to use for a single-player level if that's what you're after.


In addition to this powerful suite of modding tools, 353 also released Halo's level scripts and tag files so you can build your own campaigns and multiplayer levels. You'll have to extract them yourselves, of course, but with those and these tools, the sky's the limit.

Don't forget to grab your free Halo Infinite-inspired helmet for Halo 4, and check out the new Elite armor from Season 7.

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