When it comes to playing in the Sinnoh region, it's vital to try out the new selection of Pokémon! So why not let your personality figure out the one most suited to you?

Your MBTI® can tell a variety of things about you, much more than the typical personality test. In just a few questions it can help you discover your strengths, weaknesses, loves, hates, and even your relationships with friends and family. In doing this, it opens up the mind and helps make some challenging decisions, like what the best Sinnoh Pokémon is for you.

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Sinnoh is one of the most famous Pokémon regions in the franchise. Whilst it was a wonderful game generation, many fans are still begging for a remake of Pokémon: Diamond and Pearl. This is because it contains some wonderful Pokémon that any fan and player can enjoy, they just have to find that ideal companion.

16 INTJ: Shaymin

One of the main reasons Shaymin is a perfect match for an INTJ is the fact that this mythical Pokémon can turn into two different forms, land and sky. This appeals to the jack of all trades that INTJ's embody wonderfully.

This personality is renowned for being great at everything and extremely open-minded, although still rather analytical about their approach to games. Making this match ideal in battle and exploration.


15 INTP: Togekiss

This adorable Pokémon will make an ideal companion for any INTP. This is because both are extremely imaginative and enthusiastic when it comes to battling or achieving their goals.

Together you and Togekiss will achieve greatness, just be careful about second-guessing as both tend to do it pretty often. However, as a pairing, they can lift each other up to reach their goals.

14 ENTJ: Roserade

Another beautiful companion. Only this time it packs a pretty intense and exciting punch. Roserade is renowned for luring their prey in with an enduring scent then poisoning them. This contains similar traits to an ENTJ, something that it's trainer will use to their advantage.

ENTJ's are efficient and energetic, achieving what they want quickly and expertly. Therefore they need a companion who will do the same and look adorable doing it.

13 ENTP: Porygon-z

ENTP's are extremely knowledgeable and are renowned for being quick thinkers and adept planners. So having such a knowledgeable and quick thinking companion just makes sense.

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Whilst Porygon-Z is known for being highly erratic and having a rather unstable behavior, it can adapt and work with its trainers' quick thinking and analytical mind to dominate the battlefield.

12 INFJ: Cresselia

This legendary is a wonderful addition to any players' party but will work best with an INFJ. This is because both are so inspiring and passionate about their craft.

Cresselia is great at recovery and healing techniques and is known for being able to dispel nightmares. Therefore she is quickly an inspiration for Pokémon and trainers alike, making this pairing ideal.

11 INFP: Grotle

This wonderful starter Pokémon is a perfect representation of INFP. Both are hardworking, open-minded, and extremely selfless, often to the point of forgetting to care for themselves. However, as a pairing, you can both make sure that the other is taken care of.

Grotle is so selfless and kind that it is known for carrying smaller Pokémon to a water source just to look after them. This trait sums up INFP's perfectly.

10 ENFJ: Infernape

Nothing sums up the natural leader trait of an ENFJ than the final evolution of a starter Pokémon, especially when it comes to the badass Infernape. Both are reliable and selfless when it comes to battle, meaning that you'll always have a friend by your side.

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Due to both being so reliable, this team will quickly become a force to be reckoned with, since they are so similar.

9 ENFP: Luxray

ENFP's are curious and observant, often to the point of not being able to focus too well. Now nothing shouts observant more than a Pokémon with x-ray vision like Luxray. However, this isn't the only reason this pairing is perfect.

Both are extremely emotional and will try their best to catch all the Pokémon they can and give them a wonderful life, whilst still using their observational skills to win almost every battle.

8 ISTJ: Dialga

This legendary Pokémon will make a companion unlike any other when paired with an ISTJ. The traits that both embody are stubborn, strong-willed, and always needing to enforce order.

With Dialga by your side, you can enforce the order that you desire whilst having a strong companion to help back you up and do what's right.

7 ISFJ: Giratina

Giratina is a badass legendary Pokémon that will just dominate any battlefield, which is exactly what ISFJ's enjoy doing.

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Being so reluctant to face change, ISFJ's will usually stick to one main companion rather than switching and changing, so you need one that can keep up with the power changes they'll face.

6 ESTJ: Leafeon

As an Eevee evolution, this Pokémon is supportive, dedicated, and rather excitable too. This is just ideal for any ESTJ personality since they pride loyalty over most things and need a companion who is as dedicated as Leafeon.

When combined, this pair will be a force to be reckoned with when it comes to catching the whole Pokédex. They may not succeed as much as a legendary but that won't stop them.

5 ESFJ: Rhyperior

rhyperior pokemon anime

ESFJ's are known for being extremely warm and having a strong sense of duty whilst often being extremely selfless too. Rhyperior may not look warm but this Pokémon is especially kind and caring, whilst still having that strong authoritarian disposition.

This allows their trainer to reach their goals easily and with the help of a wonderfully powerful and selfless Pokémon.

4 ISTP: Budew

Budew is one of the most adorable Sinnoh Pokémon in the game. It is so small and innocent which is ideal for any ISTP looking to play in this region.

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Evolved through friendship, Budew has the same personality traits as its trainer, energetic, spontaneous, and pretty relaxed in how they achieve their goals. ISTP's enjoy just dancing through life rather than pushing for success.

3 ISFP: Empoleon

As another starter Pokémon, ISFP's are able to really bond with Empoleon whilst still noticing how similar they actually are. Both are passionate about their goals and can often be so independent that they are sometimes rather unpredictable.

As a pairing, this is just perfect and allows the two to really bond and succeed in whatever playstyle you want to use.

2 ESTP: Spiritomb

This interesting Pokémon is perfect for any ESTP out there purely because they're so clearly defiant and unpredictable, especially since it's formed by the collection of 108 spirits.

An ESTP will easily be able to handle Spiritomb since they are bold, rational, and extremely good at dealing with impatience, making this pairing just perfect.

1 ESFP: Torterra

Torterra is a wonderful match for an ESFP since they are both so bold and observant, constantly watching over others. In Torterra's case, it looks after the many smaller Pokémon that live on its back.

Whilst Torterra is much more reserved than the typical ESFP, they can bring each other out to the open or into the shadows whenever its necessary.

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