Today is a sad day for Xbox One owners waiting on Skullgirls: 2nd Encore. In a blog post over on its website, publisher Skybound Games has confirmed that the port of its popular indie fighter has been put on "indefinite hold" for Microsoft's platform. This comes just a few days after announcing that the Switch version of Skullgirls was on track to release next week.

Citing "unforeseen development and production challenges," it seems the fighter won't be making an appearance in the near future. I had pondered that a release on Xbox Game Pass might happen, but even that is off the table. If you happen to be a Microsoft fan, the only way you'll get your Skullgirls fix is on Xbox 360.

If you aren't specifically tied down by platform, Skullgirls is available on basically every modern device. Versions exist on PC (via Steam), PS4, PS Vita, iOS, and Android. If you go back a generation, you can even play the game on PS3 and Xbox 360. The PS3 version, in fact, features cross-play support with the other Sony versions.

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Source: Lab Zero Games

Originally launched in 2012, Skullgirls has seen a cult fanbase develop into a fairly large following. Making a few appearances at EVO, the plucky little indie fighter has gone on to receive numerous updates in the form of Encore and 2nd Encore. Both added some additional characters, moves, and cutscenes to the mix.

Skullgirls is the title that put developer Lab Zero Games on the map. Without the success of it (and its various Kickstarter campaigns for DLC), we wouldn't have been graced with the release of Indivisible. Everything is looking up for the studio, which is great after the hard work it put in to make Skullgirls a success.


Whether or not the Xbox One will ever receive Skullgirls remains to be seen. The likely reason for its status in limbo is that Microsoft is gearing up to launch its next console soon. With the PS5 and next Xbox likely set for 2020, maybe the best call was to delay this Xbox One port.

Source: Skybound Games

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