Skyrim is a massive game, featuring a massive nation bustling with many peoples. And fortunately for players, there's quite a selection of possible companions among its many characters.

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Indeed, from mages to warriors to archers, from mercenaries to soldiers to assassins, there are quite a few followers scattered throughout the frozen landscape. Those of the mercenary lifestyle have become rather popular among many a Dragonborn. So for those seeking help for hire, these are all of Skyrim's mercenary followers and where to find them.


Belrand will be among the easiest hireling to find, namely through his well-frequented location. And he'll be a decent companion, maxing out (as with all other Hirelings) at level 40.

  • Location: Solitude. Usually on the first floor of the Winking Skeever.
  • Cost: 500. Rehire cost is waved if married.
  • Combat Specialties: Spellsword. His primary skills are Destruction, One-Handed, Light Armor, and Restoration.

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Aside from being a hireling, Belrand is also a possible Blades recruit and marriage candidate. He can also become a steward if players have the Hearthfire DLC installed.

Erik the Slayer

Such a fearsome name for such an inexperienced mercenary. Indeed, Erik is the only hireling who doesn't start out as such. Instead, he begins as a simple villager helping his father run an inn, but hungers for so much more. Successfully completing his small, personal quest of convincing his father to allow his adventuring will unlock him as a follower.

  • Location: Rorikstead. Usually inside the Frostfruit Inn, though occasionally around the village.
  • Cost: 500.
  • Combat Specialties: Barbarian. His primary skills are Light Armor, Two-Handed, Archery, and Block.

He's not a marriage candidate, but he can be a Blades recruit or house steward. So for those interested in this humble hireling, be sure to swing by his small village.


Jenassa is the only female hireling in all of Skyrim and its DLCs. She's also one of the two non-human hirelings available, making her a fantastic oddity to have as an ally.

  • Location: Whiterun, usually within the Drunken Hunstman.
  • Cost: 500. Rehire fee waived if married.
  • Combat Specialties: Ranger. Her primary skills are Archery, Light Armor, Block, and One-Handed.

She can be a marriage candidate or Blades recruit. But she won't be available to be a steward. Either way, she'll be among the earliest hirelings players will encounter.


Marcurio is one of two hirelings who primarily uses magic to fight. And he has plenty of personality to back up his power.

  • Location: Riften. He is normally located inside the Bee and Barb Inn, near the marketplace entrance.
  • Cost: 500. Rehire fee waived if married.
  • Combat Specialties: Battle Mage. His primary skills are Destruction, Restoration, Alteration, and Sneak.

Aside from being a hireling, he is a potential bachelor, Blades recruit, or steward. Whichever players desire, he'll be waiting for hire.


Stenvar is yet another Nordic follower, perhaps the Stormcloak equivalent to Belrand's Imperial. And in the traditional Nordic form, he's a fierce fighter, through and through.

  • Location: Windhelm. He'll usually be on the second floor of the Candlehearth Hall.
  • Cost: 500. Rehire fee waived if married.
  • Combat Specialties: Warrior. His primary skills are Heavy Armor, Two-Handed, Archery, and Block.

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He can be a bachelor or Blades recruit, but not a Steward. Either way, he'll be a fantastic ally or fighting partner.


The last of the main Skyrim hirelings, Vorstag is yet another Nordic warrior. He's very similar to Stenvar in fighting style, with a few small differences.

  • Location: Markarth. He'll be near the fireplace of the Silver-Blood Inn.
  • Cost: 500. Rehire fee waived if married.
  • Combat Specialties: Warrior. His primary skills are Heavy Armor, One-Handed, Archery, and Block.

Like Stenvar, he can be married or made a Blade. However, he also can't become a steward.

Teldryn Sero

Teldryn is an extremely unique follower, as he's the only hireling added by any of Skyrim's three DLCs, namely that of Dragonborn. He's also the second non-Nord and major magic user of all the Hirelings.

  • Location: Raven Rock, on Solstheim. He'll be near the entrance of the Wretching Netch Corner Club.
  • Cost: 500. Plus an extra 250 to hire the boat to the island, initially.
  • Combat Specialties: Spellsword. His primary skills are One-Handed, Light Armor, Destruction, and Conjuration.

He can't be married, nor can he be made into a house steward. Interestingly enough, though, this Dunmer hireling can be made into a Blades recruit. The choice, of course, is ultimately up to players' discretions.

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