Miraak is a Dragonborn that lived long before the events of Skyrim and the events of the current Dragonborn that defeated Alduin. The current Dragonborn gets a chance to battle Miraak in the Dragonborn DLC and learn more about this fascinating character since there is a lot about him that isn't immediately evident when conversing and battling with him.

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Miraak is an interesting character because he once served the dragon cult, and there are a lot of little pieces of his history that fans completely overlooked while completing the Dragonborn DLC. Miraak is widely considered to be one of the best villains in the entire Elder Scrolls franchise because of his personality and history with dragons.

10 Miraak Is A Nord

Miraak may be more powerful than the average man; however, he's still mortal, and as such, he has a race from one of the ten races of Tamriel. Miraak is a Nord, and this doesn't come as too much of a surprise since he served the dragons in ancient times.

Although Miraak may be a Nord, he doesn't seem to follow any of the traditional customs or have a similar accent to the Nords found in Skyrim. This is possibly due to the fact that there weren't many Nords back in the time when he lived, which may be the reason why he has no Nord accent.


9 Miraak Served The Order Of The Dragons

Miraak served the cult of the dragons, which is the fact that a lot of players don't know about him. Miraak gained a lot of his power from serving the dragons since they considered him to be one of their top-ranking human officials.

Miraak isn't as devoted to the dragons as he used to be during the events of Skyrim; however, he is still in acknowledgment of the past that he has.

8 Miraak Was The First Dragonborn

According to Miraak and some of the people on Solstheim, Miraak is actually the first Dragonborn that ever lived. This would make some sense since he was a high-ranking official in the dragon's cult.

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If Miraak is the first Dragonborn that ever lived, then it is possible that his shouts aren't as refined as the current Dragonborn's since he didn't have people such as the Greybeards or Paarthurnax to help him control his abilities.

7 Miraak Refused To Help In The Fight Against Alduin

Apparently, some of the heroes that aided the Dragonborn approached Miraak for his help to defeat Alduin during the dragon crisis; however, he stated that he had personal reasons for wanting to keep Alduin alive, these reasons are never explicitly revealed.

It is possible that Miraak still wanted to serve the dragons even after he stopped officially serving them as an official. This would explain why Miraak was so hesitant to help the heroes and why he cared more about Alduin than the rest of the world.

6 Miraak Can Use Restoration Magic To Heal Himself

Miraak is capable of using Restoration magic to heal himself during the battle with the final Dragonborn. A lot of players may have missed that Miraak uses powerful spells; however, his Restoration magic is actually very strong when compared to other characters in the game that are able to cast Restoration magic.

Miraak has had a lot of time to perfect his talent while in the Black Books, and it seems that Restoration is one of the main skills that he focused on, and it really shows in the final battle against the player.

5 Miraak's Appearance Is Randomly Generated

If a player uses console commands to discard Miraak's helmet or robe, then his body and face will be randomly generated. This is a surprise to a lot of players since most characters in the game have a set appearance that is the same for everybody.

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Miraak is a Nord, so he will always have an appearance that looks similar to the average Nord; however, it can be wildly different, including hairstyle and facial features.

4 Speech Is One Of Miraak's Primary Skills

Despite the fact that Miraak is usually only seen in combat situations in the Dragonborn DLC, one of his highest skills is the Speech skill.

This is an understandable shock for most players since Miraak isn't able to use the Speech skill for the most part as it is mostly only relevant for the player. Miraak probably has a high Speech skill since he is able to use shouts, and the developers wanted his skills to be as accurate as possible, even if they didn't make sense from a statistical standpoint.

3 Miraak's Name Translates To "Allegiance Guide" When Translated In The Dragon Language

When Miraak's name is translated in the dragon language, it is revealed that it actually means "Allegiance Guide." This name makes sense since Miraak devoted his allegiance to the dragon cult and acted as a guide for other humans to follow.

This shows that Miraak truly used to be a devoted member of the Dragon cult, and even if he doesn't currently worship the dragons in the same way, he probably still has memories of when he held these strong beliefs.

2 Miraak Is An Arrogant Person

Miraak is one of the most arrogant characters in all of Skyrim, and he seems to believe that he's above everyone else both in terms of his combat skills and his intelligence. This can be seen through multiple pieces of dialogue but most notably by the fact that he clearly believes that he is stronger than the player, despite the fact that they have trained with allies such as the Greybeards and the Blades.

Miraak should have learned not to underestimate his enemies, and if he had done that, then he possibly would still be alive at the end of the Dragonborn DLC.

1 Miraak Is A Dragon Priest

Miraak not only served the dragons in ancient times, he was officially a Dragon Priest. Most fans remember Dragon Priests from the base game since they are present in many different dungeons throughout Skyrim. Dragon Priests usually wear a unique mask, and Miraak has one of these as well, although it looks a lot different from a lot of the other Dragon Priest masks in the game.

Becoming a Dragon Priest is no easy feat, but Miraak managed to pull it off because of his strength and devotion to the dragon cult.

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