Skyrim has many enemies for players to fight within its terrain, and a lot of them are themed around real-world animals. Some of these animals are quick, and some of them are brutally strong, creating enemies that will be a challenge for players to take down within the wild.

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Animal enemies in Skyrim are no joke, and, although they may seem like they aren't very dangerous compared to the likes of Giants and Trolls, they can actually deal a ton of damage, especially the more powerful ones such as a sabre cat. These animal enemies from Skyrim are sure to give any Dragonborn a run for their money!

10 Mudcrab

When Skyrim players think of the mudcrab enemy, they probably think of a laughable crab that can't deal much damage to them in combat.

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However, just because one crab is weak doesn't mean that, when it brings his friends, they can't easily defeat the Dragonborn. Fans will find that mudcrabs are actually very powerful; they just need to be in numbers when attacking their enemies.


9 Horse

The horse is rarely seen by the Dragonborn as an enemy within the game because it is hard to provoke, and most horses will run away instead of actually attacking the player.

If the Dragonborn were to face off against the infamous Shadowmere horse, then they would not be in for good time because this horse can deal a ton of damage, far more than the average horse in Skyrim. Horses have powerful legs, and they can kick enemies for massive amounts of damage that the foe won't even see coming.

8 Wolf

Wolves are not the most powerful enemy in Skyrim. However, they are one of the strongest animal enemies because they can use their bite attack to deal damage, and they are very quick on their feet—much faster than the Dragonborn while sprinting.

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Ice wolves are the most powerful variant of this animal, and, when traveling in packs, any type of wolf can be dangerous. Players need to be careful around packs of wolves because they can do a lot of damage, especially in large numbers. At the very least, wolves are far cuter than mudcrabs.

7 Skeever

The skeever is a cross between different kinds of rodents from the real world, and, as such, fans are somewhat disgusted by these weird little creatures.

The skeever has been present in many games in the franchise, and, in Skyrim, they made their return to annoy the Dragonborn whenever they went into a sewer or other disgusting place. Skeevers may not look like much, but they carry deadly diseases that players won't want to get and will need to heal if they contract one.

6 Slaughterfish

Slaughterfish are found in the oceans, and they swim around to catch their prey within their sharp Jaws. Although slaughterfish are very tiny when in large amounts, they can be a nuisance, and even one can easily bring the Dragonborn's HP down if they aren't careful in the water.

Every player hates slaughterfish, and, in Skyrim, they need to be feared more than any other game because of how dangerous they are. Don't go for a swim in a lake infested with slaughterfish or it will be a near-instant death!

5 Snow Bear

The snow bear is a very strong form of the bear that fans will find while adventuring in the snowy regions of Skyrim. The snow bear can deal a ton of damage, and it is also very fast, similar to wolves.

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A lot of players forget that the snow bear exists, and then, when they go to adventure into the snowy tundra, they will find that there is an enemy waiting to scratch and bite their character with force.

4 Sabre Cat

The sabre cat is very similar to bear enemies because it will output a lot of damage and is very swift while running through the terrain of Skyrim.

It is worth noting that the sabre cat has extremely high damage compared to many other animals in the game, and it should be feared, especially when the player is below level 20. Encountering a sabre cat or pack of these animals will result in certain death, and the Dragonborn should only face one if they have powerful equipment and they are a relatively high level.

3 Husky

The Husky is a form of a dog and it is the strongest variant that players will encounter in Skyrim. Players will only encounter the Husky as an enemy if they side with the vampires during the Dawnguard questline, and, if a Husky is provoked, the player will be in for a dangerous surprise.

In general, huskies are very similar to wolves in how they attack, as they deal much more damage than the average dog creature in Skyrim. Huskies also have a very unique appearance to them, and, as such, fans love using them as Animal companions if they sided with the Dawnguard.

2 Horker

The horker is a weird walrus-like animal that players will need to be wary of when traveling within the oceans of Skyrim and the coastline. These animals will attack the player with their tusks and will do massive amounts of damage even though they aren't very fast.

If the player is swimming around and they see a horker in the water, then they should immediately attempt to get out of the water and run far away from this dangerous beast.

1 Mammoth

The mammoth is powerful for self-explanatory reasons, mostly because of its large size and the fact that it usually hangs around Giant camps. Players that attempt to take on the mammoth will probably lose, especially if they are not over level 30.

The Dragonborn will need to have a ton of health before attempting to fight this majestic creature, and it can be found throughout the wilds of Skyrim, as soon as players enter Whiterun hold. The mammoth will forever be one of the most iconic yet scariest enemies for players to face in Skyrim, and this is because of how powerful they are.

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