Lucky Slimes are extremely rare slimes that you can find around the Far, Far Range in Slime Rancher. They have a low chance of spawning in place of a regular slime, but if you find, one you will gain a large amount of newbucks, the game's currency.

There is a trick to finding Lucky Slimes and being able to farm their coins.

You need to be quick, observant, and armed with chickens. So grab your supplies and get ready to hunt those newbucks, as this guide will show you how to find Lucky Slimes and what to do when you spot them.

Identifying A Lucky Slime

As one of four feline-based slimes in game, the Lucky Slime is based on the maneki-neko, or lucky cat, a Japanese figure kept as a good luck charm. It also draws heavy inspiration from the Pokémon Meowth since its feeding habits are thought to be a reference to Meowth’s signature Pay Day attack.

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A Lucky Slime is similar in appearance to a Tabby Slime, but it is white rather than gray and has a large newbuck symbol on its head. It also makes a jingling noise, which is useful for helping to track them down.


Note: If a Lucky Slime spots you, they will freeze for a couple of seconds before vanishing, so you need to act fast.

You can’t capture a Lucky Slime in your Vacpack and they aren’t a fan of ranchers, hence the vanishing act. They don’t drop plorts and there are no Largo variants of them, although they can form stacks or be eaten by Tarrs.

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They are said to simply be Tabby Slimes with a fascination for eating coins, which has caused their color to fade and their bellies to become full of newbucks.

While they pose no direct risks to ranchers, you still need to be careful when hunting them down. They can sometimes be found in difficult to reach locations, which means that some unlucky ranchers have ended up head-first in the sea in pursuit of them.

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What To Do If You See A Lucky Slime

Lucky Slimes eat meat and are often found hunting chickens. If you see a Lucky Slime, you’ll need to shoot a chicken at it as quickly as possible. This will feed the slime and cause some of its coins to be released.

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When fed, it will shoot into the air, leaving a coin particle affect behind it that automatically awards you with some newbucks.

If you are able to keep an eye on where the slime lands, you can shoot it again to acquire more coins.

The first feed will cause the Lucky Slime to drop 100 or 150 coins. The second will double this, dropping 200 or 300. The third and any subsequent feeds will drop 300 coins.

Where To Find Slimes

Lucky Slimes can spawn in place of regular slimes in many different places around the Far, Far Ranch. A slime rancher who goes by the name of The1AndOnlyMike has put together a map showing all the possible spawn points for Lucky Slimes.

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If you’re hunting Lucky Slimes, checking these locations should help you out. Just remember to keep a supply of chickens on hand and listen out for the jingles.

Remember that Lucky Slimes are a rare spawn, so it can take a while to find them. It’s also worth noting that many players have reported seeing them only during daylight hours.

Capturing Lucky Slimes

According to Slime Rancher lore, it’s technically possible to put a Lucky Slime onto the Slime Stage, where it would stay almost indefinitely. This is due to the fact that Lucky Slimes are not affected by agitation and hunger, both of which can trigger negative behaviors.

However, due to the fact that Lucky Slimes cannot be captured in the Vacpack and often despawn quickly, we have only found people who have achieved this by modding their game.

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It’s safe to say that hunting, rather than capturing, is the best way to be rewarded by a Lucky Slime. So take a look at the map, grab some chickens, and go find some Lucky Slimes.

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