Slimes in Slime Rancher are usually joyous little creatures that just make you want to smile. This will all change after you get your first batch of Quantum Slimes. These critters are notorious for escaping their enclosure and being a pain to get back in. Luckily, they can be pretty easy to deal with once you learn about what makes this strange species tick or, in this case, teleport around.

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Be aware that Quantum proofing your ranch is going to cost a bit of money and will likely even take up one of your precious enclosure plots in the end.

The Problem With Quantum Slimes Escaping

Radioactive Quantume Slimes

Quantum Slimes are a unique type of slime that are harmless but have a high chance of escaping their enclosure. This can create a problem for several reasons, the first being plorts everywhere, the second being the clean-up, and the third and most problematic being when they start changing other slimes into quantum slimes.

In some cases, ill-placed Rad Slimes and Boom Slimes have combined with Quantum Slimes to create an annoyingly dangerous combo.

  • Tip: If you keep Quantum Slimes, you will want to ensure that there are no dangerous slimes for them to combine with roaming around free in the immediate area.

Even worse, they are always creating ghosts, or as known by many players, Qubits. Qubits appearing doesn't mean they are about to escape; it's just something they do naturally. This does make sucking them up hard, though, as the ghosts can easily trick players.


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How To Contain Quantum Slimes On Your Ranch

Phase Lemons

The escape of Quantum Slimes is directly related to how happy the little critters are. In fact, Quantum Slimes won't start escaping until you hit 20% agitation, which is pretty easy to avoid with the right preparations.

  • To begin with, you will need to ensure your slimes are properly fed. Quantum Slime loves Phase Lemons, so go ahead and use a nearby plot to grow a Phase Lemon Tree.
  • Ensure that you always have food loaded into their enclosure to keep hunger at bay. You can change the food distribution settings and adjust the number of slimes to make sure everyone is fed.
  • Next, you will want to install speakers into the enclosure. Using speakers will decrease agitation levels.
  • Throwing slime toys into the enclosure will help as well.
  • If all else fails, water can be used to spray on the slimes or Quidbits to control teleportation and calm agitation.

However, as long as you prepare a harmonious enclosure and ensure the slimes are fed, things should go well.

Angry Pink Hunter Slimes
  • Tip: Look at Slimes' faces to determine if they are happy and smiling.

Keep in mind that even happy Quantum Slimes will produce Quibits. Quibits randomly appear in the room, so they will often pop up outside of the enclosure. This is no sign for alarm. However, if you are noticing that Quibits begin to appear more rapidly, this is a sign of growing agitation.

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