Sora was added to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate earlier this year and with that, the biggest roster in the series' history is complete. That doesn't mean Ultimate's time in the sun is over though, far from it. Super Smash Bros. Melee, which celebrated its 20th anniversary this week, still has an incredibly active player base despite being replaced by two games on more powerful consoles. So active, in fact, that two decades later its players continue to break records.

The latest Smash Melee record was broken this week Samplay. As the player revealed on Reddit, they have become the first person to ever break all of the targets in Melee's mini-game with Mewtwo in under four seconds. The game begins with Mewtwo taking out the top targets before dropping down and smashing the lower ones with pinpoint accuracy.

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The point at which Samplay must have hit the ceiling is when Mewtwo's well-placed shadow ball hits one target at the exact same time as they hit the only other one remaining. That resulted in a time of 3.99 seconds, and it isn't something that has come easy. Samplay admitted to trying for seven months to hit this milestone, and that wasn't even the start of their Smash Melee mini-game journey.


“From April 24th to this day, 24th of November, I've been grinding a few hours every week to finally break that 4.00 and get the sub,” Samplay revealed. “It took exactly 7 months, I did not count how many attempts, or how many hours, but I can tell you, it's been one hell of a ride.” The journey began when the player and a few other Melee die-hards decided to try and break LinksDarkArrows' record of 4.55 seconds, which had stood for eight years.

It only took them a few hours of grinding to break the record, and then a few more to break their own. In fact, after a short while, Samplay had set a new record of 4.00 seconds. Adamant that they could get below four seconds, they tried over and over again and seven months later, it finally happened. Fair play to them as after breaking a world record multiple times in a day, many would have assumed a sub-four second run simply couldn't be done well short of seven months of attempts.

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