Those looking forward to getting their hands on Heart Machine's new title Solar Ash are going to be disappointed as the game has been delayed into December. Solar Ash was originally scheduled to release on October 26 later this month but has now been pushed back to December 2 for some polish and bug fixes.

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In a statement released on Heart Machine's official Twitter page, the developer apologises for the delay and explains that the team needs "a bit more time" to implement bug fixes and polish the game up before launch. Heart Machine also explains that the pandemic has affected development somewhat and is one of the reasons behind the delay.

If Solar Ash needs some more polish before it's ready for the public, then a delay is welcome news. Heart Machine's fans seem to be in agreement, as the majority of replies seen underneath the tweet are telling the developer to take its time, not to prioritise the game over the team's mental or physcial health, or are just sending out positive encouragment.

Solar Ash was originally revealed as Solar Ash Kingdom back in March 2019, but was re-revealed as Solar Ash earlier this year. New details and gameplay trailers have been released over the course of 2021, managing to appear in high-profile events such as Geoff Keighley's Summer Games Fest and one of PlayStation's State of Play showcases.

For those who don't know what the game is about, Solar Ash sees players take on the role of Rei, a voidrunner who is trying to save her world from an ever-expanding black hole called the Ultravoid. Unlike the developer's previous game - Hyper Light Drifter - Solar Ash is more of a 3D platformer, although shares the similar fast-paced movement and neon art style of Heart Machine's previous work.


Solar Ash is now expected to launch on December 2 for PC, PS5, and PS4, although it's worth noting for Steam users that the game is an Epic Games Store exclusive for an unknown period of time.

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