G FUEL is really earning their title as The Official Energy Drink of Esports with their new Sonic the Hedgehog energy drink.

Coming this fall, G FUEL will be rolling out Sonic’s Peach Rings, a full-throttle energy drink that was inspired by Sonic’s gold rings and tastes like the underrated gummy snacks. G FUEL boasts that this drink will help keep gamers speeding through games for longer. Along with the beverage itself, G FUEL and SEGA have collaborated on a few extra Sonic products. Sonic’s Peach Rings can be purchased in either a four or a twelve can pack. But for those interested in an even bigger power-up, G FUEL can also be picked up by the nearly ten-ounce tub and blended at home with the Sonic shaker. But wait, there’s more! G FUEL did not forget about the collectors out there, the limited edition collectors box puts together the Sonic’s Peach Ring tub, the shaker cup, and a special Sonic scooper.

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G FUEL has always been about a healthier alternative when it comes to energy drinks—a staple in the diet of so many gamers. The brand also offers energy crystals and hydration formals among their products—though not specific to this SEGA team-up. These are zero-calorie, no sugar drinks, that will be a great and sweet pick me up during that next gaming marathon. SEGA went all out with the branding on these products, Sonic is front and center on all of the products, ready to speed up and catch those gold rings. These products will be released in August and ship only to the U.S. and Canada.

It’s hard to think of a video game character that is more deserving of getting its own energy drink. Fans of Sonic and G FUEL will be saying “gotta go fast!” with every sip. It might not turn your hair blue or make it possible to run upside down, but it will pump you up and help you focus on the task at hand, whether that’s a Fortnite marathon or trying to figure out the Kingdom Hearts timeline.


Source: PR Newswire , G FUEL

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