It’s always an exciting time when new consoles are about to be released. A lot of the hype can be attributed to the predictions about how these systems will turn out, and the PlayStation 5 is easily the most anticipated of all the ninth generation consoles to be released soon.

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One problem that has been in the way of fans is the PS5’s price, which has notoriously not been disclosed. While it’s not long for that reveal to come, the fact that Sony has kept mum about it even after the console design's release has some worried. Naturally, these have encouraged memes poking fun at this fact. Here are 10 that are the funniest of this bunch.

10 Well That Was Anti-Climactic

It’s still not for certain if the rumors of the PS5 price are true or false, although Sony’s attitude towards it has brought this meme. According to it, the company might have been ready to reveal the price and it was some other issue that prevented them.

To this end, the scenario can be compared to the beginning of Shrek The Third, where the king was about to reveal a secret but kept dying rather than getting to the point. There’s no doubt PS fans certainly felt like Shrek did in this moment.


9 That's Definitely True

As far as the design of the console is concerned, it certainly ranks among the best in PlayStation console history. What it’s also done is confirm that paying for the console is going to be more painful than a general purchase.

This meme argues that a person won’t even have the option of using a Visa or Mastercard, as the PS5’s price is going to be so expensive that the option of selling an organ should be up on the Sony website as well.

8 Mum's The Word

If you’re aware of this scene from Avengers: Infinity War, then you know Thanos responded by saying it cost him “everything.” This holds true for PS5 fans, who will have to give up a lot to purchase the console. As far as Sony is concerned, their reply was a non-response.

In this meme, it’s the PS fans who are the little girl, apparently talking to Thanos -- who represents Sony -- in the spiritual plane. Rather than confirm what the price is, Sony simply stares in silence. Let's hope it doesn't rank as high in launch prices like some other releases. 

7 Come At Me, Bro

This price reveal business has turned into something of a war of attrition for both Microsoft and Sony. Neither company has been willing to go ahead with it and simply announce what their console costs, and the scenario is something like a fight between the government and the resistance.

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This is what the meme places both companies as, with Sony being the insurgent group who have run away with the public favor, while Microsoft has its big financial backing and seemingly superior tech. Both are too cautious to go through with the price reveal.

6 Fans Are All In

The hope is that the PS5 ranks at the top of Sony’s consoles. For the time being, the most anyone can do is rue the fact that they’ll have to take out a significant amount of their savings in order to pay for this console.

Fans aren’t still all that concerned, seeing as they’re looking forward to getting the latest PS release. The creator of this meme has put their situation in a clear perspective, arguing that the cost for the PS5 is a small price, even if it means they have to starve.

5 Not So Fast

In another perspective of Sony’s reluctance to talk about the PS5 price, this one claims that the company deliberately took their time to discuss it so that they had the excuse of time constraints. To put it in meme terms, it involved dissolving themselves.

As shown in this picture, Sony was prepared to end their own lives rather than talk about the price. On the flip side, fans are promised a tasty dessert, even if it means eating up Sony itself.

4 You've Been Warned

One of the reasons for the success of Sony and the PlayStation is the company’s ability to market itself. The unclear nature of the PS5 price has had the effect of making it something fans want to seek out even more, although a lot still rides on how they perceive the actual cost.

You can easily imagine Sony acting like this when the time does come, and it would be hilarious if they actually did go so far as to warn customers that they might be shocked to find out the price.

3 A PS Epihpany

For the last few years, fans have been shelling out for limited edition versions of PlayStation consoles. With the PS5 on the horizon, these same fans will have to find new means of earnings to support their dreams of possessing the console at launch.

What’s funny is that these people see the PS5 as the ultimate achievement, to the point where this meme argues that the console is like a literal skyscraper that they’ll have to climb. Their solution seems to be rather drastic.

2 Bigger Problems

You can always find ridiculously expensive custom gaming consoles, but the PS5’s supposedly hefty price tag still has the gaming community freaking out. Small consolation for them can be the fact that PC gamers have it a lot worse.

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These fans have to pay about the same price for add-ons, on top of the actual price of their gaming system. That probably won’t matter as much to PS5 fans, though, who are likely to balance out their love for the PlayStation with their savings.

1 Bernie's Not Patient Anymore

Former U.S. Presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders is known for being a passive guy who doesn’t lose his temper. According to this meme, even he will lose his patience soon enough if Sony doesn’t get its act together with the price reveal.

The frustration of fans has gotten to the point where they’re ready to storm Sony headquarters if need be, and this meme leaves no doubt about how serious they are with this. It appears fans aren’t asking for the price anymore, they’re demanding it.

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