Sony paid $229 million to make Insomniac a part of the PlayStation family, and that acquisition happened after the success of Marvel's Spider-Man.

There are plenty of success/horror (depending on which side of history you stand) stories out there about people who could have bought into something that became big years later, or companies that were sold for a minuscule percentage of what they would go on to be worth. One of the more newsworthy examples to rear its head was how much Sony paid for the movie rights to Spider-Man.

Sony paid a measly $10 million for the movie rights to Spidey, which is wild considering how much Marvel movies gross at the box office in today's market. Most would probably think the success of the Spider-Man/Avengers movies, and then the popularity of Marvel's Spider-Man on PS4, would have driven up the price of the game's developers, Insomniac.

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Well, apparently not. reports that according to a filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, Sony paid $229 million to acquire Insomniac Games last August, which was almost a year after the release of Marvel's Spider-Man. That might sound like a lot of money, and it is more than 20 times how much it cost for the Spidey movie rights, but it was an absolute steal yet again in the grand scheme of things.

At the time of the sale of Insomniac to Sony, Marvel's Spider-Man had sold 13.2 million copies. That alone would have made the studio well over $229 million. It's also a sweet deal for Sony in comparison to other similar deals in the industry. EA paid almost double that for Respawn Entertainment, and it cost Microsoft $375 million for Rare in a deal that went down 20 years ago.


Chances are the close relationship between Sony and Insomniac is one of the reasons why this deal was struck up. Insomniac Games was established in 1994 and only developed games for PlayStation for the first 18 years of its existence. It branched out after that but has now returned to its roots and will continue to create games exclusively for PlayStation from now on.


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