Thursday's PlayStation Showcase had absolutely no shortage of big announcements. Opening on the long-awaited news of a Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic remake, and closing on the confirmation that God of War Ragnarok is real, it can be hard to tell which one went down the best with fans.

However, looking at YouTube likes does show a clear winner: Marvel's Spider-Man 2. The reveal trailer currently sits at 472,000 likes, putting it well ahead of God of War in second place.

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It's really not much of a surprise to see this trailer greeted so warmly. It was reasonable to assume we wouldn't get a Spider-Man 2 for some time, considering the fairly recent launch of Spider-Man Miles Morales, and the fact that Insomniac is an impossibly busy studio right now. On top of the two Spider-Man games, it just wrapped up development on Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart, and also announced yet another Marvel game at the same showcase, with Wolverine next in line to get the video game treatment.

If we follow the "likes" approach with other trailers at the PlayStation Showcase, it was a poor showing for Rockstar. As we previously reported, the trailer for the Grand Theft auto 5 re-re-release got ratio'd pretty badly on YouTube. It's actually gotten far worse since we wrote that article - as it now sits on 18,000 likes vs 43,000 dislikes. Judging by the comments, fans were hoping to finally get a scrap of news on GTA 6, so some footage of a game they've already played - as well as the announcement that it's actually being delayed - was hardly going to go down well.


Spider-Man 2 is expected to come to PS5 in 2023, while Wolverine is yet to receive a release window. We do know, however, that the latter is in the early stages of development, so that short teaser trailer might have to keep us going for some time before we get more news.

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