Spiritfarer is an indie adventure game that's captured the hearts of gamers with its beautiful style and wonderful gameplay. But how do you actually complete this adventure and still get the most out of the game?

Spiritfarer is more than just an adventure game. It tackles the acceptance of life, death, and sadness, all in a beautifully unique experience that is both relaxing and emotional. Whilst it may seem like one of those games that never ends, it does actually have its own ending which is undeniably emotional and will leave you begging for more.

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This game takes the mechanics of wonderful games like Terraria and Stardew Valley and adds a delightful spin to make it a relaxing and enjoyable experience until the emotions come pouring in at the end. However, many fans still have unanswered questions about this wonderful game, so let's answer those burning questions.

Updated August 29th, 2021, by Jerrad Wyche: With Spiritfarer recently celebrating its 1st release anniversary, developer Thunder Lotus Games is still looking to support the game with additional post-release content. One of the three announced updates was released in April 2021, with the other two set to release by the end of the year.

11 What's the core theme of the game?

spiritfarer death question

By the time the credits roll in Spiritfarer, it's pretty clear what the core theme of the game was, but that might not be the case for everyone. The game is about loss, in many different forms. It focuses on the idea of grief with an emphasis on how and when people should move on.

Loss takes many shapes and can be hard to come to terms with. Spiritfarer also sheds light on coming to terms with one's mortality and how that relates to the regrets and sense of finality one feels.


10 How To Complete Spiritfarer

Saying Goodbye To Giovanni At The Everddoor

Thunder Lotus Games previously stated that Spiritfar would take anywhere between 20-30 hours to complete, depending on how the player gets through the storyline in order to reach Spiritfarer's ending. It's good to know and understand that Spiritfarer doesn't have multiple endings. The game has one set ending, but with the addition of updates post-launch, Spiritfarer's ending isn't exactly that.

To actually complete Spiritfarer and reach the end, you must say goodbye to every spirit you picked up along the way, fulfilling their requests and helping them come to terms with their departure. All while discovering more about Stella and the world around her. Once that's done, you're rewarded with Spiritfarer's ending.

9 How Many Spirits Are There?

The Front Of The Spiritfarer Boat With 4 Spirits, Atul, Gwen, Summer, and Gustav

To complete the game and have a wonderful and meaningful experience, the player must help all the spirits they can. They will get the chance to meet up to 11 different spirits, each with their unique desires, food choices, and quests which allow a closer connection and a more emotional experience.

The first three the player should come across are Gwen, Atul, and Summer. These are somewhat forced upon you and give you something to head towards in your new job as a Spiritfarer. The other 8 will come in time and by speaking to as many people as you can.

8 How Many Upgrades For Stella Are There?

Stella And Her Cat cuddled up, fan art

These upgrades can drastically change your gameplay and make it 10x more enjoyable as you learn how to double jump, glide through the air, zipline, and more. Whilst it all sounds cool, they can actually be pretty hard to get hold of or even find in the first place! But when you do you'll have endless fun.

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All in all, there are 6 upgrades to get hold of which range from Dash to Shine and are extremely fun to mess around with. However, finding these is on you, we can't tell all the secrets!

7 Where Do You Get The Food For Atul?

Atul shouting about popcorn

This is one of the most popular questions asked since it mainly requires just sailing around until you get to the location that has the food Atul is asking for. However, these are only to complete quests as this spirit will eat just about anything you give him.

The first food is Popcorn, which is simply growing corn, then cooking it. The second food the player will be asked to get is a Pork Chops. This is found in the Racoon Inc Shop in Furogawa and will just need to be brought, cooked, then fed. The player will then find out Atul's favorite food.

The next item is Fried Chicken which is a little more complicated. First, the player needs to head over to the Isle of Oxbury where they can buy the chicken. Then comes the complicated part, finding the fat. The first thing to do is build a crusher (get the blueprint for this from Mickey and Bruce in Serpent Docks), then use olives or sunflower seeds to make the fat. And last but not least, whack those two things in the oven for a very happy Atul.

6 Why Bother Feeding The Spirits?

fan art of spirits and Stella at the docks

When it comes to feeding the Spirits on your boat it can often feel rather repetitive and pointless, after all, you don't really get anything right? Wrong. You can actually get ahold of some pretty useful items, as well as feeling good that you made your friends happy.

Each spirit has its loves and hates. For Atul, it's building and wood, for Gwen it's the loom. Now if the player keeps the spirits on the maximum happiness, then they will provide you with planks, ores, seeds, cotton, and more! The happier they are, the more likely they are to give you key items that could help in the long run.

5 What Are The Bus Stops For?

Talking to Alex at the bus stop

Most players end up sailing past what looks like that bus stop from Spirited Away. However, if the player tries stopping by it and jumping into the bus stop, nothing happens. Therefore most are under the assumption that these are purely for the aesthetics, but they are so much more than a pretty sight to see.

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These bus stops are actually fast travel points, but you have to unlock them first. Look for a lit-up bus stop sign and you may meet Alex the Seal, the owner of these stops. After speaking you will be able to arrive at any bus stop and fast travel to another stop straight away!

4 What Happens If You Don't Sleep?

Stella and her cat asleep

The short answer is nothing. The long answer is that it will help speed up time and make the game feel a little bit more natural.

Sleeping isn't as necessary as it is in games like Stardew Valley. In Spiritfarer it kind of only exists to pass the night away. This is why it usually isn't necessary to sleep since you can get a lot done whilst the boat stops and the spirits go to sleep, such as gardening, fishing, collecting, or even swimming.

3 How Do You Make Money Quick?

It's raining glims on the boat

From the offset, the player will find themselves needing glims to upgrade their boat, buy seeds, or do a variety of quests. They can often be challenging to get a hold of when you need a ton but luckily buying and selling is always an option, as well as running into lightning storms.

One of the best ways to make money fast is to grow tea and lettuce. The tea is 150 per seed and gives you 2 when harvested, then they sell for 400 each so the profit is huge! As for the lettuce, it's 250 per seed and sells for 750 which means you'll be raking in the glims instantly!

2 What Are Those Things At The Side Of The Boat?

A side on view of the boat in edit mode

Many players have missed a trick when it comes to those weird-looking rocks on the side of the boat. It's known that most fans thought they were either damage to the hull or just simply decoration, but they couldn't be more wrong!

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Whilst it is easy to find out, it's worth noting that these are actually muscles, shells, and other shellfish that can be cooked and used to your advantage. As previously mentioned, they are easy to figure out but will change the game for people who didn't realize.

1 What Do You Do When You Can't Find Materials?

Stella fishing at night

This is by far one of the most frustrating parts about Spiritfarer. Many players will find themselves just aimlessly wandering the seas exploring islands to find that one elusive material that you just can't seem to get hold of. It can be frustrating and can sometimes turn people away from games like this. But fret not for there are many things a player can achieve in a situation like this.

Some of the best memories of Spiritfarer come from relaxing in downtime like this where the player can travel to a new island whilst fishing, tending to crops, cooking, or talking to and hugging the spirits. Now while these don't exactly progress the game, it can help grab some achievements as well as exploring lands and opening up new quests or even helping solve the ones you're stuck on. So fish, swim, hug, and cook whilst exploring new lands to always keep occupied and enjoying this wonderful adventure game.

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