Mild spoilers for Squid Game

Squid Game is a show that explores the desperation of debt and poverty. It holds an uncomfortable light to the lengths you must go to, either to just survive under capitalism - or in the case of the business class - thrive under it. It takes ruthlessness, stomping on those less fortunate, and then even with blood on your hands, you can lose anyway. It might all be for nothing if you aren't the lucky one percent, and you end up just where you were at the start.

Or maybe I watched the wrong show, because otherwise it would be really weird that everyone is trying to monetize it right now. Who cares, don't think about it - pre-order these Funko Pops today and live out your Front Man dreams!

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That's right, apparently no show can be too on-the-nose with its message ever again, because a heck of a lot of people will miss it anyway. Just weeks after the show hit Netflix, a line of Squid Game Funkos are on the way, depicting adorable versions of characters who are fighting to the death for a better life. Well, it's a step up from the Twin Peaks line at least.


Of course, it can be (maybe) forgiven for some characters, considering their immense popularity and even likeability in the story. But you can also pick up figurines of the guards - one a Wallmart exclusive - so you can fondly remember the time they mowed down a crowd of unsuspecting poor people in the very first game.

Please brands, we are begging you. I know you are contractually obliged to jump on every single trend. But maybe just give this one a miss, yeah?

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