The free games given to Stadia Pro subscribers in August 2020 have been revealed, with Kona, Just Shapes and Beats, Metro 2033 Redux, and Strange Brigade all becoming claimable on August 1, and Rock of Ages III being claimable on August 14.

Google has fully embraced the subscription model with Stadia Pro. There are many people who assumed that the number of free games given to Pro subscribers would be reduced over time, as the Stadia library is already small to begin with, and it removes the desire to purchase games if fans feel it's worth holding off in case it's added to Stadia Pro in the future. Google has been doubling down, however, with more and more games being added every month.

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The official Stadia community page has announced five new titles that will be available for Stadia Pro subscribers to claim in August. Kona is an adventure game about a private eye searching a deserted town in Canada. Just Beats and Shapes is an action/rhythm game, where the players avoid shapes that take on the form of the music. Metro 2033 Redux is a remake of the classic shooter title set in the post-apocalyptic Moscow underground.


Strange Brigade is a third-person shooter with an emphasis on co-op play, as the players take on the role of adventurers in the '30s, who must take on mythological creatures as they explore forgotten lands. Kona, Just Beats, and Shapes, Metro 2033 Redux, and Strange Brigade will be free to claim on August 1.

Rock of Ages III is also coming to Stadia Pro on August 14. Rock of Ages III is a competitive tower defense game, where players roll and throw rocks at each other. It was also revealed that Zombie Army 4: Dead War will no longer be free to claim on August 1, but people who claimed it before that date will get to keep it.

One of the biggest new announcements in the update is that it will be possible to play Stadia using 4G and 5G services, through the upcoming Stadia Experiment service on Android phones, which will launch on July 18. This should greatly improve the quality of Stadia for people with compatible hardware.

Kona, Just Shapes and Beats, Metro 2033 Redux, and Strange Brigade will be free for Stadia Pro subscribers to claim on August 1. Rock of Ages III will be free for Stadia Pro subscribers to claim on August 14.

Source: Stadia

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