It’s been a minute since we checked in on Star Citizen, so let’s see how many roadmap targets they’ve blown past now.

It has now been eight years since development began on the most ambitious science-fiction simulation game ever made. Star Citizen has been in alpha since 2015, and since then has consistently missed its own deadlines and targeted launch dates.

It's now 2020 and there's no sign of Star Citizen ever receiving an official launch date.

Which wouldn't be so bad if Star Citizen didn't make most of its money off of crowdfunding. The game recently passed $300 million in funding, making it the third most expensive video game ever to be developed (according to Wikipedia) and the most expensive game ever to not have an official release.

Squadron 42
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Star Citizen caused a stir last April when many promised core features were delayed to the summer without any explanation, and now that it's the summer we still don't have much of an update there. And as Kotaku notes, the same is true for Squadron 42.

Recent Reddit posts have called out developer Roberts Space Industries for the lack of updates on Squadron 42, the stand-alone cinematic space fighter game that was supposed to launch in 2018, but was then pushed back to 2019, and most recently to Q3 2020. We're fast approaching Q3 2020 and there still hasn't been much word on where Squadron 42 stands.

Until now.

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The update to Squadron 42 is less of an update on the game and more of an update on the way the game is updated. That is to say, they're going to remake the roadmap because they weren't really following it anyway. That, and they were tired of people posting on the forums asking for an update.


Also, the new roadmap is a secret.

"The new Roadmap is something we hinted at in March but because that is still very much in development," Roberts Space Industries wrote, "we can’t share as much about it as I would like."

For now, fans awaiting news on Squadron 42 will have four things to look forward to “in the immediate future”:

1. Give an explanation of the goals of our new Roadmap and what to expect from it

2. Show a rough mockup of the proposed new Roadmap

3. Share a work in progress version of the Roadmap for at least one of our core teams

4. And then finally transition to this new Roadmap

Given how coy the developer is here, I’d say that a 2020 release for Squadron 42 is pretty unlikely at this point.

Source: Roberts Space Industries, Kotaku, Reddit

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