Star Wars video games have been a contentious topic in recent years. While older games like the Knights of the Old Republic series and the original Battlefront games are beloved by fans, ever since Disney acquired the rights to Star Wars and licensed the games out to EA, there has been a noticeable decline in quality. The greatest example of this is the universally reviled loot crate scams built into EA's new version of Battlefront II, but the company may have finally gotten things right with Jedi: Fallen Order.

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One reason for the success of the new game is its strong character-centered plot. The protagonist Cal Kestis travels with a renegade crew trying to revive the Jedi Order, among them the former Jedi Cere Junda, a complex character with a dark past. Here are ten facts about Cere Junda even most diehard Star Wars fans don't know:

10 Fighting Trandoshans

A major plot point of Jedi: Fallen Order is the protagonist Cal Kestis following in the footsteps of the Jedi Knight Eno Cordova, who hunted down rare artifacts from lost cultures, notably the Zeffo. Cordova's former Padawan was Cere.

As a child, Cere accompanied Eno on missions to different parts of the galaxy. At one point, the two were trying to help settle a dispute between a group of monks and a Trandoshan war band. While Eno talked to the monks, Cere started a fight with the Trandoshans, singlehandedly beating them all up. Only after did she learn that the monks were actually the ones in the wrong.


9 Impulsive Child

If the story with the Trandoshans does not make this obvious, Cere was an incredibly impulsive child. Her master described this impulsive streak as following her instincts, but such instincts regularly got her and others into trouble.

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What makes this such an interesting detail is that the adult Cere introduced in the game is so cautious and calculating, jaded by all she has seen and endured.

8 Disciplined By The Jedi Council

The Jedi High Council are comprised of the leading Jedi Masters whose experience, wisdom, and proficiency with the Force make them natural leaders. They oversee all important matters that the Jedi must consider.

Cere's recklessness was apparently one such matter, as she caused enough incidents that she had to be brought before the Council. In fact, there was a very real fear she would be kicked out of the Jedi Order. Eventually, the same traits which got her in trouble also ended up leading to her being brought before the Council again, where they made her a full Jedi Knight.

7 Involvement In Planetary Civil War

Shortly after being chewed out by the Jedi Council, Cere Junda accompanied her master on a trip to a planet that had just recently joined the Republic.

As it turns out, not every nation on the planet has unified behind the idea of joining the Galactic Republic. Soon after arriving the planet Ontotho, the two were attacked and caught up in the events of a civil war.

6 Fylar

The nation of Fylar was the one group on Ontotho who did not want to become part of the Galactic Republic. The Ontothon government had a long history of oppressing and disrespecting the needs of the marginalized Fylari people.

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Despite being sent to the planet to aid the main Ontothon government, Cere soon found herself fighting against the Ontothon's planetary central government while allied with the Fylari.

5 Terrorist Affiliations

The Fylari were not a unified people. The faction that Cere ended up with were Fylari separatists, a terrorist group who hoped to force the rest of the Fylari to join them in a civil war against the main Ontothon government.

Being new to the planet, Cere had no idea about these regional geopolitical distinctions. She was just trying to help the less powerful of two factions within a local conflict. However, she unwittingly found herself allied with terrorists who used her as a soldier in their cause without telling her the whole truth about their plans.

4 Patriotism Toward Republic

In the game, Cere Junde and Greazy work with Cal Kestis to oppose the Empire. This is for all the usual reasons in Star Wars, which George Lucas summed up in the opening crawl for A New Hope when he used the term "evil Galactic Empire." Because the Empire is evil, they must be opposed.

Cere has a few more personal reasons to hate the Empire. She suffered torture and the loss of her Padawan when the Emperor seized control, two events which deeply traumatized her. This must have felt like even more of a betrayal since Cere believed deeply in the Republic prior to the Clone Wars.

3 Green Lightsaber

The color of Cere's lightsaber is a small detail, but a cool one. Since Cere has cut herself off from the Force by the events of Jedi: Fallen Order, Cal is the one who gets to show off all of his cool lightsaber moves. He also can customize his lightsaber, an indication of the very personal nature of a Jedi's weapon.

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Cere used a green lightsaber. While no longer canon, in the Knights of the Old Republic games, this would have indicated she was a Jedi Consular, which was a class of Jedi dedicated to scholarly research but still skilled in combat and use of the Force. Fallen Order takes a lot of inspiration from KOTOR, and Cere was definitely a scholar, exploring ancient tombs with her master.

2 Trilla's Introduction

Trilla was Cere's Padawan who eventually was captured by the Empire, then tortured and trained to become one of the dreaded Inquisitors, Second Sister. Trilla's story is tragic as she lost everything she valued, even her name.

What many fans don't know is that Trilla was introduced more than a year before the release of Jedi: Fall Order. While never named in her debut, she appeared in an issue of the comic Darth Vader: Dark Lord of the Sith by Charles Soule and Giuseppe Camuncoli.

1 Mace Windu

Mace Windu seemed to develop a genuine affection for Cere, or at least respect for her. This actually makes a lot of sense as they had a lot in common.

Cere's devotion to the Republic was a quality Mace shared (one that some people considered his greatest blindspot). Cere also had a knack for finding the weak points in superior foes, a technique akin to Mace's Shatterpoint Force ability. Additionally, both would use diplomacy back up by hard power (AKA, the threat of a lightsaber) and both of them were driven by instinct more than contemplation. It is no wonder he respected her.

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