Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order pits protagonist Cal Kestis up against some pretty formidable foes, but few, if any, can match the intensity of Trilla Surduri, better known as the Second Sister. As the final boss of the galaxy-spanning campaign, she may give some unprepared players a run for their money. However, much like Taron Maiacos or the Ninth Sister, finishing the fight only requires some decent reflexes and a basic ability to recognize patterns.

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To begin, we suggest heading into the fight with a single-bladed saber. While the Darth Maul-esque variant may have helped to ward off Malicos’ twin-saber attack, the windows of opportunity are fleeting in the fight against Trilla, and players will want to opt for the more powerful single blade as opposed to the weaker, more defensively-minded dual-saber variant.


Additionally, we highly suggest unlocking the “The Power of Friendship” upgrade in Cal’s skill tree. It costs three points and is available in the left-hand Force section of the tree. This makes it so that BD-1’s stim shots also entirely refill Cal’s Force meter, which will be vital in the upcoming fight.


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When engaging Trilla, it’s important to know when to attack and when to back off. Her combos are longer and a bit harder to keep track of than most of the other humanoid bosses in the game, but, at least in the first phase of the fight, she’ll open herself to attack for a brief moment once she’s finished with her assault, and we’d suggest stepping in for a swing or two before promptly dodge-rolling away— as with any Dark Souls-inspired combat system, greed can often be costly.


Another solid strategy involves blocking and attacking just enough to build up Cal’s Force meter, and then Force slowing her, thus leaving her open for a few cheap shots. If Cal has a decent amount of Force energy stored up — perhaps after the meter is filled thanks to the aforementioned stim upgrade — wait for an opening, slow her, and then unleash a split-saber attack on her for a punishing blow that’ll knock her on her back and leave her open for further attacks.

However, when Trilla’s health gets to somewhere around fifty percent, she’ll call in a probe droid, which, if ignored, will shoot at Cal and potentially leave him vulnerable to further attacks from Trilla’s saber. The best thing a player could do in this situation would be to save up enough Force energy, Force grab the thing as soon as it appears, and then launch it at Trilla.


As the fight continues, Trilla will opt for some more devastating, borderline annoying attacks. Players will doubtlessly have recognized by now that she relies fairly heavily on unblockable attacks, but, later on, she introduces two new unblockable moves: an incredibly damaging Force grab and an outrageously irritating shockwave.

There are two methods to counter these, though both rely fairly heavily on the player’s reaction time. The safer bet would be to keep Trilla at a distance until she unleashes one of these attacks, then have Cal dodge it and step in for a few quick jabs before falling back again. Alternatively, savvy players could use a Force push as she’s performing the unblockable attack, thus knocking her off guard and leaving her open for a brief moment.

Once again, the Second Sister, while not overwhelmingly difficult, is certainly one of the most punishing non-optional bosses in Jedi Fallen Order. Seasoned Soulslike players shouldn’t find the confrontation to be all that difficult, but it may be a bit taxing for those new to this style of combat. A few retries and a bit of perseverance should see her defeated, and those who take her down are in for a treat— don’t worry, we won’t spoil it.

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