When Jedi: Fallen Order got released, it became an instant hit, and straight away got heralded as one of the greatest Star Wars video games of all time with its gorgeous presentation, great gameplay, brilliant characters, and carefully crafted story. To a lot of players, though, there is more to complete than just the story.

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Many gamers love going through and collecting trophies or achievements for video games, and this is no different. Admittedly, Fallen Order is an easy game to complete, but that does not mean there are not a few problematic trophies.

10 Echo Location (Discover 75 Echoes)

Echoes are one of the more exciting collectibles/secrets within Jedi: Fallen Order and get littered throughout the story, across all planets.

It is very doable to collect them all, but only if you make a conscious effort to do so. There are 111, and only 75 are needed for the achievement. So for players who want some more lore and an excellent choice to pass the time, this trophy is one to try and earn.


9 Data Collector (Scan All Enemy Types)

"Data Collector" is one of the more time-consuming trophies within Fallen Order and requires you to scan a total of forty-five types of opponent.

This is done by defeating an enemy and getting BD-1 to scan them. It can take a considerable amount of time to find that many unique enemies, rather than the same bugs and troopers over and over.

8 Scum & Villainy (Defeat Each Type Of Bounty Hunter)

If the player is skilled enough in the combat style of Jedi: Fallen Order, which is not all that difficult, then getting this trophy on should be relatively easy - on paper, anyway.

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The trouble is that the four different types of a bounty hunter appear at random after your first encounter with one in chapter four, so it's very unreliable and involves more than a fair bit of chance.

7 Kicking Back (Kick A Phillak That Has Kicked You)

Found on Zeffo as a ram-esque creature, the Phillaks are relatively simple enemies to defeat as long as the player has some decent timing. This trophy can be tricky, though.

It requires the player to purchase the evasive kick skill, available after unlocking Force push in chapter two. Then, the player must stand behind the Phillak and not attack them, hoping they kick rather than turning around, and then allow the Phillak to attempt a regular attack, proceeding to evade with a kick at the perfect moment.

6 Legendary Beasts (Kill Four Mysterious Creatures)

"Legendary Beasts" requires the player to kill the four mysterious beasts; the Albino Wyyyshokk (Kashyyyk), the Rabid Jotaz (Zeffo), the Nydak Alpha (Dathomir), and the infamous Oggdo Bogdo (Bogano).

These creatures can be unbelievably frustrating and challenging to deal with, with it becoming impossible at higher level difficulties without a lot of practice.

5 What Goes Around (Defeat An Enemy With Their Own Slowed Blaster Bolt)

"What Goes Around" is one that, if the player did not look it up, could be very difficult to figure out. And even then, it takes some perfect timing and judgment.

Requiring not just the Force slow, but also the Force pull ability, Cal must come face to face with a single stormtrooper to get it done correctly, and must be at a good enough distance to slow down a blaster bolt, and then Force pull the troop into their bolt.

4 Blade Master (Hit A Single Enemy With All Lightsaber Types)

This is another one that is relatively easy if the player is skilled enough in combat, and chooses the correct enemy, such as an Imperial security droid.

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The trophy requires you to have unlocked not only the double-bladed saber but the split-saber also. The player must hit the enemy with a single-blade, the double-blade, and the split-saber to defeat the enemy and win the trophy.

3 Can't Touch This (Precision Evade 100 Enemies)

Another time-consuming trophy that requires relative mastery of the combat, specifically the defensive aspect, is "Can't Touch This."

Once available after chapter four, the player must unlock the precision evade skill, and then utilize it one hundred times. The better you are, the easier this is.

2 Green Thumb (Have A Fully Grown Terrarium)

Probably the hardest, and the most time-consuming trophy is "Green Thumb," which, as said above, requires a fully grown terrarium, the plant growing system in the Mantis.

The player must not only go around exploring and find the seeds on every planet for plants to grow in the terrarium but wait for as long as it takes for each plant to grow fully.

1 A New Hope (Earn All Trophies)

It is pretty much impossible for any singular trophy to be harder to achieve than one that can only be achieved through getting every single other trophy.

That is what the wonderfully named "A New Hope" trophy requires the player to do, unlock all of the trophies mentioned above, alongside all the other general trophies, and story trophies.

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