Electronic Arts recently published a pilot briefing on its website detailing the Star Wars: Squadrons Ranks, Rewards, and Progression systems the game will have when it comes out of hyperspace this October. The briefing covers Challenges, Operations, Ranks, Levels, Glory, Experience, and Reputation.

In the announcement, EA states players’ experience will center around challenges, operations, and level. Each of those fundamental gameplay pillars will earn you Glory, the in-game currency used for unlocking cosmetic items. You will also earn experience from challenges and operations (and other game modes) that will go towards your level and earning Requisition, the in-game currency used for unlocking ship components.

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Challenges will come in daily and operation versions, with both timed and rotating objectives. The briefing states daily challenges will have simple objectives that you can complete quickly and regularly to keep earning Glory. Your combat performance in matches will also account for how much Glory you earn.


Operation challenges are linked with Squadron’s operations, with each operation being an 8-week cycle where you can earn unique cosmetic rewards. Specific unique rewards can also be earned by completing operation challenges, and won’t be available again until the same operation challenge rolls around again.

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Credit: Electronic Arts

Rank is also directly connected to the 8-week operations cycle. Ranks from lowest to highest are Maverick, Hotshot, Hero, Valiant, Legend, and Galactic Ace. Each rank has five tiers, and at the end of an Operation cycle, you will be rewarded Glory for your highest rank reached during that operation. You won’t be penalized by being demoted to a lower rank, but it is possible for you to drop to a lower Tier within each Rank.

And in addition to all that, each player will also have a Level to track your progression with. You’ll earn Requisition points up to level 40, and diligent pilots will have accrued enough Requisition to unlock all the ship components, which is the goal the game developers set for the use of Requisition.

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Credit: Electronic Arts

The briefing closes out with word that there will be occasional bonus events where you can earn more Glory, as well as cosmetic item bundles. Completing the single-player story mode and the Fleet Battles tutorial will also earn you cosmetic item bundles.

Star Wars: Squadrons is currently warming up the engines in preparation for its impending October 2 launch, and you can preorder your copy now.

Source: Star Wars: Squadrons Ranks, Rewards, and Progression

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