Meals are an important feature in Stardew Valley, allowing players to replenish their energy and keep tackling the demands of the day. Meals can be made by players once their house is upgraded to include a kitchen, although some can be purchased from stores around the town. Meals give more than just energy, as they can give specific buffs that can help players with tasks such as fishing, mining, or farming.

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Fishing is a task that can be difficult to master, so getting buffs to help with the sometimes daunting sport can be extremely helpful. Let's look at the best meals that give buffs specific to players that are dedicated to that fisherman lifestyle.

10 Chowder

Chowder Meal Stardew Valley

The recipe for Chowder is available after reaching three heart levels with Willy, the local fishing connoisseur. It's incredibly easy to make; just combine a Clam and a jug of Milk in the kitchen to craft this replenishing meal.

It boosts Energy up +225 and gives +101 Health. Additionally, and most importantly, it provides a +1 Fishing Buff, which temporarily raises players' fishing levels by one. This effect lasts for 16 minutes, 47 seconds, which gives any player a stern advantage when trying to catch the most elusive fish.


9 Dish o' The Sea

Dish o' the Sea Stardew Valley

Aptly named, the Dish o' The Sea is exactly that – the perfect dish from the sea, for the sea. The recipe becomes available after reaching Level 3 in Fishing. Made from two Sardines and a plate of Hashbrowns, it's a simple recipe to have on hand.

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With a moderate Energy boost of +125 and +56 Health, it also brings to the table a +3 Fishing buff that lasts for five minutes, 35 seconds. The Dish o' The Sea is perfect for players that need a major boost when fishing, like when trying to catch rare or difficult fish.

8 Escargot

Escargot Meal Stardew Valley

Maybe not for everyone in real life, Escargot is definitely for anyone who wants to excel at fishing in Stardew Valley. Received from the local fisherman Willy after reaching five heart levels, this recipe is really easy. Made from one Snail and one Garlic, Escargot is the perfect snack to have on hand for a fishing excursion.

Escargot gives +225 Energy and +101 Health, so it can easily extend the time spent fishing. Furthermore, it also gives a +2 Fishing Buff that lasts for 16 minutes, 47 seconds. It's an easy snack to have on hand when a big fish is on the line.

7 Fish Stew

Fish Stew Stardew Valley

Another recipe bestowed by Willy, Fish Stew is a great meal specifically for fishermen with a big day ahead of them. It has a more extensive recipe which includes one Crayfish, one Mussel, one Periwinkle, and one Tomato. But it's definitely worth the effort.

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Along with its significant Energy and Health boosts, Fish Stew provides an incredible +3 Fishing buff that lasts for 16 minutes, 47 seconds. This means that for 16 minutes, players can operate at three levels higher in fishing, which is a huge advantage. So if there's a tough fish that's been uncatchable, just prepare a Fish Stew and watch the catch just reel in.

6 Fish Taco

Fish Taco Stardew Valley

This recipe comes courtesy of Linus after reaching seven heart levels with him. Made out of one Tuna, one Tortilla, one Red Cabbage, and one Mayonnaise, it's not the handiest meal to prepare for, but it has its perks.

It provides a moderate +165 Energy Boost, a +74 Health boost, and a +2 Fishing buff that lasts for seven minutes. Overall, Fish Taco is not the easiest meal to make, but it provides a significant buff to players' fishing levels for enough time to conquer a difficult fish.

5 Fried Eel

Fried Eel Stardew Valley

Fried Eel is a handy recipe gifted to players after reaching three heart levels with George. It's made from one Eel and one Oil – easy, basic, and simple. While it doesn't specifically provide a Fishing buff, it comes with another buff that is just as useful.

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Fried Eel provides a +1 Luck buff, which doesn't necessarily aid in catching fish, but it provides a greater chance to get treasures or special items from the catch. So if fishing isn't the name of the game but artifact hunting is, Fried Eel is the perfect meal to eat. Fishing becomes less about the catch and more about what prizes players can find.

4 Lobster Bisque

Lobster Bisque Stardew Valley

Willy's ultimate Fishing recipe, Lobster Bisque is as luxurious as it sounds. Received after reaching a whopping heart level of nine with Willy, this is one of his best-kept secrets. Made from only one Lobster and one Milk, this recipe is an essential meal for all fishermen.

It provides a +225 Energy boost and a +101 Health boost, so it's a filling meal to start with. In addition, Lobster Bisque has a +3 Fishing buff and a +50 Max Energy buff that both last for 16 minutes, 47 seconds. It's a heavy-hitting meal that's perfect for players who need to stick it out for a long challenge.

3 Seafoam Pudding

Seaform Pudding Stardew Valley

While this one of the more difficult recipes to make, it provides a major Fishing buff that's useful to any player with fishing on their mind. Made from one Flounder, one Midnight Carp, and one Squid Ink, it's certainly an out-of-the-way recipe for an average player. These items are difficult to procure.

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However, it's definitely worth it. Seafoam Pudding provides a whopping +4 Fishing buff that lasts for three minutes, 30 seconds. So for that amount of time, the player's Fishing level will be boosted by four, giving a definite advantage in any type of fishing scenario.

2 Shrimp Cocktail

Shrimp Cocktail Stardew Valley

A well-rounded, versatile meal is the Shrimp Cocktail. This recipe is learned by watching The Queen of Sauce on the TV and it's revealed on the 28th of Winter, Year 2. Made from one Tomato, one Shrimp, and one Wild Horseradish, it's a creative snack with multiple benefits.

Firstly, Shrimp Cocktail provides a +1 Fishing buff, which, while not massive, is still helpful. Secondly, it provides a +1 Luck buff. When put together, these buffs are ultimately meant for fishing enthusiasts that are in it for the treasure.

1 Trout Soup

Trout Soup Stardew Valley

Last but not least is the Trout Soup, an early-game recipe that is useful for any level of player. It's made from one Green Algae and one Rainbow Trout.

Trout Soup provides a +100 Energy boost and a +45 Health boost, which is substantial though not large. For four minutes and 39 seconds, it provides a +1 Fishing buff. While it's not the biggest booster meal available, it still provides that vital Fishing buff that is necessary for the dedicated fishing-type players.

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