Stardew Valley is a game packed full of things to do. Even when you aren't in the mood for farming, you can rest assured that there are plenty of neat little quests to partake in. This is very true in Winter, a season that is known throughout the farming sim universe as one of the most challenging.

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Winter is a great time for exploring the local mines, building friendships, and checking in to all those little quests you've wanted to do. Winter is also the season when secret notes will start to appear, each note comes with valuable information about the town, and some even lead to a treasure.

What are Secret Notes?

Secret Note 11

Secret Notes are hidden messages that can be found around the world of Stardew Valley. There are 25 Secret Notes in total, each that contain important information relating to the game. Each note will be numbered, and you can get them in any order. Sadly, Secret Notes won't be available until you experience your first in-game Winter and receive the magnifying glass from the mysterious shadow figure.

How Do I Get Secret Notes

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As soon as Winter arrives, go to the Bus Stop between the times of 6 am to 4 pm to see a cutscene involving a shadow play. Go into town after him and follow the footsteps to the bush he's hiding in. Shake the bush to get him to pop out and give you the magnifying glass; this item unlocks the ability to find secret notes. You can now find secret notes by doing the following activities:

  • Fishing
  • Cutting Weeds
  • Killing Monsters
  • Busting Stones
  • Chopping Down Trees
  • Harvesting Giant Crops
  • Digging Up Artifact Spots
  • Breaking Resource Clumps

When you get a secret note, it will be added to the new note sections of your player collection menu. You can go here to read notes as many times as you like, even after completing the quest associated with them.

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Secret Note Breakdown

Bear in Stardew Valley
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Secret Notes are a mixed bag when it comes to information. Below you can find out what each note or groups of notes is used for:

  • Secret Notes 1 - 9: Gifting information for NPCs.
  • Secret Notes 10: Information About Qi's Challenge in Skull Cavern.
  • Secret Note 11: A collectible farm photo.
  • Secret Note 12: Note about checking garbage cans.
  • Secret Note 13: Note that gives you the location of a Jumino Plush.
  • Secret Note 14: Note That reveals the location of a Stone Junimo Statue.
  • Secret Note 15: Reveals the code for the Mermaid Show.
  • Secret Notes 16 - 21: Treasure maps that are easy to follow and lead to a variety of treasures and an event with Lewis.
  • Secret Note 22: Explains that you need to take a battery pack into the bus tunnel to place in the box on the wall.
  • Secret Note 23: A plea from the Secret Woods bear, go to the Secret Woods before 7 pm with maple syrup to make him appear.
  • Secret Note 24: Tells you how to change the color of farm Juminos.
  • Secret Note 25: Tells you to fish in the bathhouse to find Caroline's necklace. This can be given to Caroline for 50 friendship points or to Abigail for 100 friendship points.

Keep in mind that you won't be able to complete Secret Notes quests before finding and reading the notes in-game. The only surefire way to get a secret note is by growing and harvesting a giant crop, everything else is left up to RNG.

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