It’s not hyperbole to say that in almost every single review I’ve written for a game played on Nintendo Switch, I’ve probably made some kind of mention of the Joy-Con controllers and how utterly terrible they are – both in design and functionality. Despite plenty of conversations that I’ve had with my peers, I’m unapologetic in my belief that the Joy-Cons are, in fact, terrible and potentially the worst designed controllers that I’ve ever encountered on any platform. That includes the two original Steam Controllers that – now discontinued – have been shoved to the back of my desk drawer with my random assortment of various cables and cords.

What makes my hatred of the Joy-Con controllers even more impressive is the fact that I’ve never even encountered the drift that is associated with them. The controller and, specifically, its dual-joystick layout are just that terrible, especially for the carpal tunnel that I feel in my wrists on any given day. A joystick below the buttons? Maybe that works for those who play using the knuckle portion of their thumb (you monsters), but call me old-fashion in that I prefer to use the tips of my thumbs to control a joystick.

Related: Nintendo's Refusal To Fix The Switch OLED's Joy-Con Is Grossly Anti-ConsumerThat’s why I’m so excited to get my hands (and weary thumbs) on Steam Deck. I’m particularly happy to see that the handheld device has a controller layout that mimics the layout of the PlayStation controller that I’ve come to love, first with the DualShock and now, the DualSense. The joysticks (or Thumbsticks, as they are called on the device) on Steam Deck tend towards the center of the device and inside of the D-pad and button layout – the way it should be. The horizontal button/joystick layout of the Nintendo Switch’s Joy-Cons make no sense to begin with, but the diagonal placement of the joysticks? Talk about an ergonomic disaster – a major reason why my hands get fatigued when playing my Switch in handheld mode far quicker than any other portable console that I’ve owned.

Steam Deck

Yes, I can understand the appeal of the breakaway Joy-Cons and using multiple controllers with a group of friends for games like Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, or the fact that they are small enough for a younger generation of players – the driving factor for why I think the Switch is a console that is best suited for kids, which is an entirely separate topic all its own (so no need to get a riled up with that statement). But I’m an adult with larger-than-average-sized hands, and the struggle is all too real when it comes to cramps and the Joy-Con controllers.

So, bring on the Steam Deck and its controller layout that will have my thumbs and their preference for an asymmetrical design in seventh heaven. I’ll gladly open up my wallet for Valve and its new handheld device before I ever buy a “new and improved” Nintendo Switch that fails to address or update its absolute worst existing feature: the Joy-Con controllers. Hell, I’d happily dust off my Steam Controllers and use them on my Nintendo Switch if I could.

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