A Twitch streamer at a decades-old meatball MRE on stream and… it didn’t go well.

Why would it? Even MREs aren’t designed to have an infinite shelf life. But for the uninformed, we should probably start with what exactly is an “MRE.”

MRE stands for “Meal, Ready-to-Eat,” which is a lot nicer to say than “military field ration,” which is exactly what these little food packets are. And yes, they are actually “food” even though they might not look it.

Evolved from canned goods during the American Civil War, MREs eventually came into their own during World War 2 when there was a need for soldiers to eat during long military deployments. The idea was to give a soldier all the nutrition they needed so they could keep fighting--taste was of secondary concern.

Modern MREs are still designed primarily to keep soldiers in the fight by keeping them fed, but food scientists have also learned that taste can’t be entirely ignored. So while MREs often taste acceptable (some might even call them “good”), their minimum shelf-life of three years means that they can look pretty strange to civilians.

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And while an MRE can have a shelf life of years, decades is stretching it. So when Twitch streamers HasanAbi and Gundog decided to crack open a few old MREs to have a taste, things didn’t exactly go well.

The problem really wasn’t the stale peanuts or crumbly crackers, but the meatballs. Gundog places a tiny spoonful in his mouth and immediately spits them out before heading to the bathroom to start retching into a toilet. We assume--we can’t really see him. Puking on live camera is probably against Twitch’s terms of service anyway.


This is apparently all done as an homage to YouTuber Steve1989MREinfo, who has made his career by eating and reviewing MREs. He’s also gotten botulism more than once, so he’s less inclined to consume obviously spoiled field rations these days.

Gundog though--this guy is just getting started with botulism.

Source: Reddit, Twitch

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