With nearly 2 million sales within 10 days of its launch, there is no doubt the Nintendo Switch Lite is already a success. However, as technology advances and Nintendo puts newer consoles on the market, the appeal of older models is being lost to time. But don't cry because it's over, smile because your favorite 3DS game might be making its way to the Switch!

Shuntaro Furukawa, the current president of Nintendo, allegedly said that some "3DS franchises" would be coming to the Switch to sell the idea of the Lite even further. Speculations as to which titles would make the 'switch' drive fans to hope for their favorites, with Kid Icarus Uprising and Tomodachi Life proving to be popular choices. So far, the response to this announcement seems to be overwhelmingly positive, as fans are hyped to see which one of their favorite 3DS games will get ported to the Switch.


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Remakes of 3DS classics hit that nostalgia nerve for many of us, and the Switch Lite has the capacity to showcase updated HD graphics in a beautiful and compelling way. Nintendo is no stranger to the world of HD remakes, creating 3D "Nintendo Selects" for several games in The Legend of Zelda franchise (most notably Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask) and adding additional content and porting its former games in the Pokémon series like Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire, all to the 3DS.


However, what goes up must come down, and if Nintendo intends to make 3DS titles available on the Switch, then there just isn't the same appeal to play those games on the 3DS anymore. With the Nintendo 3DS's first release being over 8 years ago, the time may soon come to put your 3DS back on the shelf or trade it in towards a Switch Lite. It may be painful to say goodbye, but there's hope that your favorite titles will make the jump to the new consoles as well.

Source: Takashi Mochizuki

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