Battle royale games are chaotic and require you to think fast. Or you gotta have really good luck. Despite Super Animal Royale's adorable art style and cute take on battle royale games, it's still just as stressful and you need some skill at least to reach the top three.

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With secret rooms and shadows that make players invisible, you can utilize many aspects of the world to your own advantage when an enemy team comes your way. Even if you can't aim, there are ways for you to become number one.

Hit Hard With More Damage

If you don't want to think about aiming or surviving an incoming attack for too long, hit hard instead. With guns like the jag or simple shotgun, you can time up two shots for an immediate down.

Using the shadow feature in the world, if someone spots you, walk around a wall and sit and wait. They will come around trying to find you, assuming you're scared and under-prepared. The moment they turn the corner you'll be ready to take them down in one shot with heavier, close-ranged blows. Doing this method requires you to anticipate which side of an obstacle the person is going to show up on, and using your ears to hear their footsteps.

Spray And Pray With Faster Guns

If aiming is where you have the most trouble, stop trying out other guns and stick to the AK 47. Practice with other weapons at another time, but when you're trying to climb the ranks, rely on the high rate of fire and high or decent damage guns.

With a gun like the AK 47, you can spray your enemies and pray for your life, hoping it all works out. And most of the time it should, unless the enemy has a minigun or are using other smart tactics that involve a heavy damage weapon.


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By picking up the highest rate of fire and going ham, you can practice your aiming and dodging skills. Spraying also makes the other enemy team panic and hide, giving you an advantage. If they hide you can take that time to heal or hunt them down with purpose.

Stay Alive Longer With A Second Life

So maybe you can aim pretty well and aren't worried about what weapons you have, you're just scared. There's something for that too. With emu's and hamster balls, you can technically gain an extra life to protect yourself from instant death.

Emu's are a newly added element to the game. They are large animals that can be found relaxing anywhere on the map. By pressing E, you can ride them leisurely. You can attack with emu's, using their beak as a melee weapon, but you cannot use guns while on them. If someone tries to kill you while you're on an emu, they are more inclined to run away in fear than to try and get you off of it. If you get shot, your emu kicks you off but you will still be healthy.

Hamster balls are like shields. They protect you from everything until they physically can't anymore. You can't interact with anything while in a hamster ball, they are kind of like a taxi. They get you around super quick so you can loot quickly while under protection. You can't break boxes or shoot enemies inside the ball, but you can run people over. Running people over will down them. It's not insanely overpowered though, because people can shoot your ball until you're forced to come out of it. It will just protect you for a good while and intimidate some people.

Calculate Everyone's Movements

You gotta understand the movements of other people. When someone is spraying at you, you spam the dodge button. When someone has a deadly weapon, you hide and recover, then go back in. Other people do the same.

Enemies are both trying to escape you and destroy you. Sometimes at the same time. If you can pinpoint which one it is at what moment, you can act accordingly. If someone's had enough of your terror they will try to juke you and escape, or recover and then panic again. Utilize your tools as well as weapons to best your Super Animal Royale foe.

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Banana peels require planning and coordination. You have to make sure not to step on them yourself and you have to make sure you're placing them where you know an enemy will come. Maybe you need to heal but you know a player will follow you with a shotgun. Place down a banana around your entry point as you heal. Skunk grenades eliminate an area. You no longer have to worry about the area you 'naded and can focus on the other side, where enemies will start converging to avoid the bomb.

Crawl To Safety When Downed

When you get downed, all you can do is crawl, pray for your teammate, and hope for the best. The best circumstance is when the enemy player leaves you alone after you've been downed and goes onto the next target.

When you're injured and left alone, you can crawl away to safety or even hide. If you can do this successfully you may cheat death. When someone attacks you while you're down, you're dead for good, for the entire match. Try your best to hide in a safe spot that your enemies can't see, but that your friend can get to. If your friend beats the other team, they can revive you with ease and everything will be alright. For now.

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