As a popular catch-phrase, gamer girl gained prominence over the last decade or so. Instagram, YouTube, and Twitch are littered with popular internet-celebrities who identify as gamer girls. The term has a checkered history, but with its popularity in the 21st century — it's safe to say that it is here to stay.

Many successful gamer girls know how to market themselves. Usually, there is a certain approachability to their videos, although most gamers probably would not be able to handle the heat. Honestly, in terms of gaming, a good chunk of YouTube celebrities could wipe the floor with many of us. In terms of eSports, unfortunately, women have it rougher than guys, although the industry is slowly taking steps to reduce the rampant toxicity. Professional female players are no longer a rarity, but they deserve more opportunities.

Gamer girls are everywhere and here are some who take it to the next level. Time to look at 25 jaw-dropping pictures of gamer girls (that prove guys can’t handle them).

25 Melonie Mac - The Full Package


Melonie Mac is a popular social media celebrity who works her magic on YouTube and Twitch. Born in 1986, the American YouTuber knows her gaming. Prior to establishing herself as an online personality, Melonie formed part of Ubisoft's marketing department and was even employed by Razer. Putting aside her impressive resume, she occasionally cosplays as Lara Croft, as the adventurer served as a role model for the younger version of Melonie Mac.

Also, she loves anime.

Yeah, we are not exaggerating. Melonie's YouTube channel tends to flip-flop between gaming and anime-related content. Her videos are really long too, with a couple of let's play lasting above four hours. Suffice to say, Melonie has worked hard to develop her fanbase and she is rightfully considered an authority on pop-culture.


24 Ryuu Lavitz - The Real Gamer


Well, who are we to argue against Kim Possible? Ryuu Lavitz is a content creator specializing in cosplay and streaming. While gaming is definitely a huge part of her identity, Ryuu is primarily known for her fantastic modeling and cosplay photoshoots.

Kim Possible is just the tip of the iceberg.

For gaming and pop-culture fans, the model's Deviant Art page is a treasure trove of content. She covers a variety of mediums, from anime to Nintendo classics, and they are always handled with care and commitment. The costumes range from amazing to jaw-dropping, with some ranking among the very best for that character. Besides the spy with the perfect hair, Ryuu transformed into a memorable live-action Mistry, Harley Quinn, and Rikku.

23 Pamcakes - Marketability


Originally known among the streaming community as Pooksie, this gamer largely spent her time in League of Legends. While her rank was hardly that great, she quickly gained a following on Twitch and her daily streams attracted a relatively large audience. While that might seem unfair, popular gamers usually make it big due to reasons outside of gaming. Finding a capable streamer is far from difficult, but finding someone that is entertaining is a completely different matter. Later on, the streamer changed her tag to PamcakesTV and shifted away from League of Legends. Anyway, the online celebrity has been around the block a couple of times and has a dedicated following who enjoy her videos. As a casual gamer, her content tends to be fun and an easy sit.

22 Jessica Nigri  - Cosplay Gaming Queen


For those who know anything about the cosplay scene, Jessica Nigri is unlikely to be a new name. The cosplayer has been around for nearly a decade; and, in 2012, made the jump from casual cosplayer to model. Jessica gained a reputation as a fantastic cosplayer when she dressed as Pikachu, before winning an IGN contest that picked a model to dress as Lollipop Chainsaw's Juliet Starling. While this was a big win for the celebrity, she had already garnered a following after helping to promote Gears of War 3 for Microsoft and GameStop. As a prominent face in the business, Jessica has served as a spokesmodel for many different conventions. During those brief moments when she is not bringing to life a fictional character, the YouTuber worked as an interviewer for countless media outlets, including GameZone and Comic Book Therapy.

21 Galina Dub - Unicorn


As she generally works as a model, Galina Dub usually sticks to Instagram. Her YouTube channel is largely devoid of content, although her couple of videos have a fantastic subscriber exchange rate. With only three clips to her name, Galind Dub has over 6000 subscribers. Most channels would require dozens upon dozens of releases to hit those type of figures. To be fair, her modeling career ensured she was not starting from scratch. As most of her content consists of staged photo shoots, it is hard to tell whether this Russian model is actually a gamer or not.

Does she really play Bloodborne?

We might never know; but, in the meantime, let us just take everything at face value. Why ruin the magic?

20 SSSniperWolf - Victory Is Inevitable


Despite joining YouTube only around five years ago, SSSniperWolf has amassed a massive following of nearly 8 million subscribers. The gamer posts regular videos, usually multiple times a day, and talks about everything under the sun. While her channel dedicates a fair amount of time to gaming, with a special focus given to Overwatch, the internet celebrity allows her fans a substantial glimpse into her everyday life.

Occasionally, reaction vlogs are done RIGHT.

Honestly, the non-gamer girl related content is probably the highlight of her channel. Do not get us wrong, SSSniperWolf is a great player, but her reaction videos tend to be a better showcase of the popular creator's personality. There is a great deal of humorous content; so, SSSniperWolf has something for everyone.

19 Chloe Lock - (Almost) Britain's Next Top Model (& Gamer)


Chloe Lock was a finalist in 2017's Britain's Next Top Model contest, but her true calling might just be gaming. With a substantial Twitch following, the young gamer is studying psychology and dreams of working in the fashion industry. During the modeling competition, TheSun published a short biography on Chloe, who identifies as somewhat of a tomboy. Born in Huddersfield, the gamer has managed to balance a modeling and streaming career, with both avenues proving well within her comfort zone. Focusing on the gaming side of things, Overwatch seems to be Chloe's main jam. Unfortunately, the gamer did not win Britain's Next Top Model, as she was eliminated in the seventh episode. Obviously, that is still a great achievement and gaming is the perfect way to ease the frustration.

18 KittyPlays - Cool As Ice


Recently, KittyPlays posted a video showcasing her three consecutive wins in Fortnite Battle Royale. Whichever way you see it, that is an impressive feat which only a small percentage of players can boast of achieving. Obviously, a REAL gamer would get five wins on the bounce, but whose skipping score?

Hey, it is not a competition.

Sarcasm aside, KittyPlays has garnered a substantial following on YouTube and Instagram. Alongside her gaming content, which tends to consist of streams, the internet personality runs a popular daily vlog that tends to be a bit more relaxed and casual. Besides Fortnite, Kitty can be found playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds.

17 DizzyKitten - Head Spinning Is (Not) Optional


Currently residing in Arkansas and a computer screen near you, DizzyKitten streams five times a week on her Twitch channel. PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is a pretty popular choice around those parts, but the streamer's most interesting contributions have to be her ASMR videos.

It means Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response.

So, what does that actually mean? After some good old-fashioned googling, we learned that ASMR refers to a sedative experience that starts on the skin and moves slowly down the body. Thinkwithgoogle wrote a detailed article on this trend, explaining how it works via the internet. Apparently, the idea is that certain sounds and sights can sort of massage the brain to create the desired effect. It might be one of those things that must be experienced to be understood.

16 The Truth Hurts


Have truer words ever been spoken? is a fun little site to occasionally visit, and there are hundreds of anonymous comments from guys wondering whether gamer girls actually exist and why they cannot meet them. Honestly, it should go without saying, but gamers tend to spend a good section of their free-time playing video-games.

Dude - It is written in their title.

So, why would anyone be surprised that gamers tend to be hard to find in the wild? Ask yourself, where do you enjoy hanging out? Is it in a club or disco? How about a convention dealing with anime and gaming? The answer is probably the latter. Personally, we just want to know which game the team is playing in the meme.

15 Tara - Mind Of A Philosopher And Heart Of A Gamer


Tara is a YouTube and Twitch streamer who has garnered a massive following on multiple social media platforms. Her material tends to push the envelope, at least, when it comes to provocative content. Her Twitch videos are really popular, and she tackles many different types of genres. Recently, Tara ran a delightful Life is Strange: Before the Storm series, which might be worth watching for those who are unwilling to actually buy the game. As the gamer also works as a model, her Instagram page is packed with professional photo shoots and similar content. When it comes to YouTube, Tara launched her channel in 2008 and has always released a steady stream of content.

14 Miss Rage - No Need To Rage Quit


Besides having the best name in the game, Miss Rage is a YouTube and Twitch celebrity who generally can be found owning Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and League of Legends; although, the gamer tends to try most new games. More importantly, Miss Rage is a huge fan of Supernatural, with her Twitter page declaring that she is Team Dean.

To be fair, everyone is Team Dean.

Okay, Castiel and Crowley are pretty cool too. Actually, most of the main villains tend to be a great deal of fun. Are we forgetting anyone? Of course, how could anyone forget Bobby? Moving past Dean and Supernatural, Miss Rage has a simply awesome gaming setup and a bunch of cool tattoos. Her Gamepedia page specifies that the gamer has gotten inked nine times over the years.

13 Miss Roosj - The Secret Is Out


Miss Roosj is a risk-taker, but she should be careful. Remember, the Illuminati are always watching. Their agents have perfected the art of blending seamlessly into the environment. They can be found around every corner and in any shop. The second an internet celebrity presents that symbol, a light flashes in their headquarters, and their henchmen instantly jump onto their nearest keyboard and start to troll.

They are behind you.

Roos is a Dutch streamer who actually plays other games besides MMORPGs. Seriously, she streams stuff like Diablo III and The Witcher III. It is a nice change of pace from the typical League of Legends and World of Warcraft. The gamer has a background in graphic design, and her videos tend to be rather light-hearted and funny.

12 Selda Radoncic - Call Of Duty Captain


As the captain of a female-only Call of Duty eSports team, Selda Radoncic has been involved in pro gaming for a handful of years. In an eye-opening interview with, the player explained that the hardest part of being a female gamer is the trash talk. Anyone who has participated in a competitive match knows what it is like to be the target of a rant. Obviously, this is usually worse for female players, as their gender tends to be brought up. Radoncic's team, Kaliber Royal,  participated in many Call of Duty LAN tournaments, and the captain generally seemed positive on the current state of eSports. To be fair, the interview was conducted a few years ago; so, her views might have changed. Hopefully, things have only gotten better.

11 Hi, Puddin'...Wait, That Does Not Feel Right


Calm down, we know the cosplayer is actually dressed as League of Legends' Jinx. Still, there are quite a few similarities to Harley Quinn; especially, when compared to the more recent live-action versions. Jinx is an unhinged criminal who is driven merely by a desire to cause havoc and watch the world burn.

Sound familiar? It should.

Piltover was a peaceful town before Jinx reared her blue head. Deciding to challenge the city's finest officer, the outlaw staged a few daring capers and managed to best Vi. When it comes to cosplay, for a short period, the character was inescapable. Everyone and their mother wanted to dress like Jinx, but this cosplayer took it to the next level. She made for a pitch-perfect Jinx.

10 LD Shadow Lady - Pixelated Gamer Girl

Via (ldshadowlady)

Minecraft is the perfect game for content creators. Unlike the majority of the competition, few other titles allow for as much individuality as this highly-acclaimed sandbox experience. Besides developing one of the most successful and influential multiplatform games of the last decade, Mojang provided creative individuals the perfect landscape to show their art.

For once, creativity is awarded.

Ld Shadow Lady's channel is dedicated to Minecraft. The internet personality crafted a beloved series known as Shadowcraft and forms part of The Pixel Pact, a YouTube group dedicated to bringing together talented gamer women who love to explore the pixelated environment of Mojang's popular title. With over three million subscribers on her personal channel, Ld Shadow Lady is clearly doing something right.

9 PressHeartToContinue - How To Git Gud

Via (PressHeartToContinue)

Otherwise known as Dodger, PressHeartToContinue should not be mistaken for a casual gamer. Some of the creator's past uploads include a playthrough of Dark Souls IIMonster Hunter, and Dead Space. Dodger continues to release streaming videos, but, her main focus has shifted towards gaming-related news and reaction videos to anime and other content. She also runs a series entitled Welcome to the Fandom, which is primarily used to discuss certain media types and their larger fanbase. As even gamers need a break from their hobby, Dodger ran a side-channel dedicated to coffee and Q&As. PressHeartToContinue is definitely keeping busy.

8 Black Mage Unlocked


BlackMageAlodia is a popular cosplay artist who has an impressive following on DeviantArt, Instagram, and YouTube. Besides her popular photoshoots, including the gamer set seen above, Alodia Gosiengfiao is a highly respected model, TV presenter, and actress. She co-hosted ABS-CBN's Laugh Out Loud prank show and has regularly ranked on the Filipino FHM's best-looking women polls. UNO Magazine even named Alodia as one of the most influential women in the Philippines. Focusing on her gamer photo, she is clearly playing Final Fantasy XIII. Fans of Alodia should be aware that the model loves Square Enix's franchise, as one of her first public appearances included a cover of Final Fantasy X-2's Real Emotion.

7 Multitasking Might Be A Thing, But This Is Just Ridiculous


Okay, this picture is just too much. Putting aside the anime girl, who is practically buried underneath all the clutter, there is a PlayStation controller, a camera, a painting, and she is reading a book. Admittedly, with the exception of the drawing, none of these hobbies actually require any skill; but, how does she find the time to take part in all these activities? Also, can anyone read the name of her book?

Flower Phones?

Considering the title, the idea is probably that she is painting a picture found in one of the book's pages. The controller seems a bit unneeded in this one, but the author really has a great eye for detail. In such a small space, they managed to include tons of items and content. The design of the gamer, painter, photographer is also quite cute and praise-worthy.

6 KayPea - The Look Of Disappointment


Wow, that look can destroy anyone's ego in a matter of seconds. Despite lacking any context to the situation, there is no way that KayPeaLoL failed to win the argument or match. Kelsie's generally struts her gaming stuff on Twitch, although she does upload highlights from her matches to her quite popular YouTube channel. Gamers searching for variety are unlikely to be satisfied, as the personable gamer's heart belongs to League of Legends. KayPeaLoL largely focuses on mid-tier matches and, like every League of Legends player, has a couple of champions who serve as her main. In this case, Lux, Brand, and Ahri tend to make the most appearances on the player's channel.

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