Super Nintendo World finally opened its gates earlier this year after a troubled and delayed build to being able to finally welcome guests. Most of those delays were brought about by the pandemic, something that has continued to affect the park's business throughout 2021. There have been limits on the number of visitors, as well as closures when the COVID situation in Osaka has escalated from time to time.

The park was actually forced to close again this week but this time it had nothing to do with the pandemic. As first reported by FNN, a fire broke out on the Yoshi's Adventure ride which resulted in Super Nintendo World being cleared and the park closing down for the rest of the day on Wednesday. No one was hurt, although the reason for a fire breaking out on the ride remains unclear.

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Super Nintendo World may well be open again by the time you read this. The issue appears to have been a minor one and it was expected to open back up again on November 25. Yoshi's Adventure will remain off limits for the time being though, presumably until those in charge figure out why the ride caught fire. The ride is proving to be something of a problem child for the park. Yoshi's Adventure was also temporarily closed back in August when a stack of Goombas fell onto it. No one was hurt in that instance either.

super nintendo world goombas

Yoshi's Adventure incidents aside, Super Nintendo World appears to have been a success so far. So much so that two similar parks are being worked on in the US with the first expected to open in Florida in 2025. The Floridian Universal Studios location has already started selling some of the same merch you can find at the Osaka location.

2025 will be a big one for the Super Nintendo World franchise. Not only does it plan to have a US location open by then, but that's also when it plans on welcoming guests to its Donkey Kong expansion. While the park is called Super Nintendo World, it is almost entirely Mario-themed. The DK expansion will likely be the first of many, and we could see more and more Nintendo characters getting their own theme parks over the next few decades.

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