Super Nintendo World has stamps to collect akin to PlayStation trophies, but almost everyone reading this will have to accept they will never collect them all.

After a number of delays, Super Nintendo World has finally opened its doors to the public. As well as some cool rides and bizarre food options, attending the park will be as much of an interactive experience as it is anything else. Its accompanying app tasks visitors with collecting all 170 stamps, but completionists aren't going to be happy about this next part.

Video Games Chronicle has published a full list of the requirements for all 170 stamps. Most of them need to be unlocked in fun ways, but some of them are linked to when exactly you visit the park. In fact, one of them will only be available to those of you who visit the park during its opening month.

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That means anyone who isn't able to make it to the park before April 18, 2021, will miss out on getting that stamp forever. Since the pandemic continues to render international travel almost non-existent, it will only be a lucky few that will ever be able to boast owning that stamp on their app. Super Nintendo World also has a handful of other stamps that can only be collected at certain times of the year.

It's estimated that it will take you at least five visits to the park to unlock them all. Some of the stamps will be a lot harder to unlock than others too, resulting in a lot more than five visits for most. By the time the rest of the world is able to go, chances are even more stamps will have been added. A mysterious door within the park has already got some thinking a Donkey Kong expansion is coming in the future.


Even though that stamp will be forever lost to pretty much everyone who visits the park, it's not as if there isn't enough there to keep you entertained. Even the most hardened completionists will likely never collect the other 169 stamps anyway. Plus, with other Super Nintendo Worlds set to open around the world in coming years, perhaps you will be able to get an opening month stamp elsewhere in the future.

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