When it comes to setting Super Smash Bros. apart from other fighting games, the items are a huge part of making the game feel unique. They can spice up gameplay and help to make things more balanced between players with skill levels. When it comes to grabbing an item to help better your position in a match, what are the 10 best to go for? Let's find out.

10 Dragoon Parts

There are a lot of good items that could have taken the No. 10 spot. The Dragoon Parts earn it because they pack quite the punch when used correctly. The problem with the items is that you have to manage to grab all three parts and aim it correctly. However, if you manage to do all of this, then it is almost a guaranteed knockout. Quite a bit of set-up is required for this powerful item, which is why it doesn't end up higher on the list.


9 Timer

The timer item is deadly if used properly. The timer allows the user to significantly slow down time for every other player on the field, This means that the user can slow opponents down long enough to land a fully charged attack on them, or up their percentage as much as possible in the time allotted. Go for a kill, or prep yourself for later in the game, either way of using the time is going to be a solid tactic.

8 Heart Container

The Heart Container is one of the most powerful healing items in the Super Smash Bros series, healing 100% of damage taken.

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There are other great healing items in the game, and some of them, such as the Fairy Bottle, might be a bit more useful in certain situations. However, taking off 100% of damage is never going to be a bad thing, and can be the difference between a win and a loss.

7 Master Ball

Unless you end up with a Goldeen, the Master Ball is going to be a very useful item to help take out an enemy or get a Final Smash, in the case of Victini. While the Poké Ball can be useful, the Master Ball just cuts the roster of the Pokémon to all of the strongest ones. However, their effectiveness can vary, with some attacks being easily missable, so it takes a lower spot on the list.

6 Banana Gun

The Banana Gun is an item that no one expects until they're literally flying off of the map due to a banana. It's not a very good feeling. Still, when you get your hands on a banana gun, as long as you aim it right, it is going to send your opponents flying. While it is in no way a guaranteed KO until you get your opponent to a high percentage, it can still get the job done when used properly.

5 Hammer


The hammer. A standby. Who doesn't love the classic hammer?  While it can be a difficult item to use on certain stages, you are going to almost assuredly going to get a KO even if no one has a very high percentage. Just keep on your enemies. As long as you don't let them out of your grasp, this item is going to serve you very well.

4 Golden Hamer

Of course, the golden hammer is just a better version of the regular hammer, so it ranks higher on the list.

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Everything is stronger and faster when it comes to this hammer. Of course, while getting the normal hammer isn't bad by any means, if you're going to get one of the two, this is the one that you want to see spawn.

3 Special Flag

Of course, the Special Flag is an incredible item, but if you're in a 1 v 1, the only way that you're going to be able to use it is right when your opponent gets knocked out, and even then, it isn't a guarantee that you're going to be able to wait out the time needed to cast this item. Still, if you do manage to do so (which is easier in an FFA), you're up a stock, an advantage that cannot be ignored.

2 Assist Trophy

The Assist Trophy takes the No. 2 spot on this list for good reason, virtually every character that you can get from this item is going to be a huge help. While there is a small selection of characters that can be summoned that help everyone or no one equally, most of the characters that can appear are going to be very useful in helping you secure a kill or just staying alive.

1 Smash Ball

Of course, there's no better item in the game than the Smash Ball, which activates a character's Final Smash. This is never a bad item. Whether it is Peach putting the entire field asleep, Samus firing off an incredibly powerful beam attack, or Game and Watch Octopusing all over the place, if you see a Smash Ball, you have to go for it. End of story.

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