With Super Smash Bros Ultimate’s gigantic cast of 74 fighters, and more to come in the DLC, you might think we have all the characters we need. But believe it or not, there’s still room on the roster for some gems that have been woefully missed. From unlikely heroes to characters that fans have begged to see for years, there’s a lot of potential for new additions. With characters from third-party games such as Final Fantasy and Street Fighter in the mix, nothing’s off the table.

I invite you now to open your mind, and consider the wonderful madness that would ensue with the following characters in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

10 10. Crash Bandicoot

via: Nintendo Life

Crash has been around since his debut in 1996; he’s a classic character who deserves a place in the roster. His trademark spin could be a special move, akin to Meta Knight’s Mach Tornado. He would also use hand-to-hand combat, and blast opponents with his Fruit Bazooka from Crash Bandicoot 3.

Other potential moves include the Belly Flop, which could work similarly to the Bowser Bomb move, and Crash Dash, where he could rush into opponents from a distance. He’d make a fun, silly character, and if “Whoa!” wasn’t one of his taunts it’d be downright blasphemous.


9 9. Ty The Tasmanian Tiger

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Who remembers this gem? Ty the Tasmanian Tiger may not be the most popular series in the world, but honestly, neither is Ice Climbers. Let’s be real. And I know that some of you reading this loved these games as a kid. Just imagine Ty up on the stage with Sonic and Mario!

His neutral special move could be throwing his boomerangs, and the side special his bite. He could leap up and glide with his double boomerangs, similar to Peach with her parasol. And imagine the taunts, featuring his classic cheesy lines such as “Struth!” and “Bonza!”

8 8. Shadow The Hedgehog

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I know, he’s an Assist Trophy. But for us Sonic fans, having Sonic himself as the franchise’s only fighter isn’t enough to get our fix. There are so many awesome moves Shadow could use: Chaos Spear would fire bolts of energy, and Chaos Control could be used to teleport and hit enemies from behind.

Picture this: for his Final Smash, he takes off his inhibitor rings and uses a super powerful Chaos Blast, damaging all opponents within a set radius. At this point he’s been in so many games on Nintendo consoles, so I don’t see why it couldn’t happen.

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7 7. Rabbid

via: Raving Rabbids Wiki

Starting out as antagonists for Rayman, these weird little guys have now had several games of their own. Manifesting chaotic energy and endless hijinks, they truly were the Minions of their time. With the release of Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle on the Switch, I don’t think it’s far-fetched that Rabbids could have made it into Ultimate. Their skins could even include the Mario, Peach, Luigi, and Yoshi variations.

They could attack with items they’ve nicked from their raids: toilet plungers, trolleys, shaken up soda bottles, etc. And think how much you could annoy your friends, spamming the taunt of “DAAAAAH!”

6 6. Rayman

via: Cultured Vultures

We can’t really say the Rabbids should have made it in without including the main man himself. This guy’s been around since 1995, four years before the first Smash game even came out! Surely, as one of gaming’s oldest icons, he deserves a spot?

Rayman’s move set should easily translate from his games; his up special could be his helicopter hair lifting him up, whacking opponents who touch it. For his neutral special his floating fists could fly out into a punch, and his side special could be him spinning with those fists out.

5 5. Ratchet + Clank

via: IGN

This iconic duo has had their fair share of games and cameos, featuring in Sony’s answer to Smash Bros.: PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. But it’s about time they make it into the big leagues. They could be included in several ways: as one character, with Clank staying on Ratchet’s back as usual, or you could switch between them in the same way that Zelda and Sheik were interchangeable in Melee.

Ratchet would use the OmniWrench as the main weapon. With Clank on his back, the up special could use the Heli-Pack or the Thruster-Pack upgrades, allowing them to fly upwards.

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4 4. Dr. Kawashima

via: GoNintendo

I know, another assist trophy, but hear me out. Back when Brain Age came out on the DS, everyone and their mother was playing it, enjoying the lovely, polygonal face of Dr. Kawashima.

His taunts are already sorted; he could do the “glasses, glasses” trick, flipping his specs above his head and laughing. For a side special, he could recoil in shock the way he does when you beast a minigame, slamming into opponents.

I know it’s silly, but imagine his Final Smash: he declares that your opponents’ Brain Age is 100 years old, and they’re KO’d by sheer embarrassment.

3 3. Spring Man

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Okay, here’s a more reasonable one. Another assist trophy that could be more: Spring Man from ARMS. As much as we love Ribbon Girl and the gooey Helix, Spring Man is the face of ARMS; I could easily see him getting a spot in the DLC. His moves are obvious; his springy arms would be used to sock it to his enemies. He could use his parry ability as a special move, like Marth’s Counter.

He could even keep his charge ability; his ARMS would stay powered up after reaching a significant amount of damage, similar to Little Mac’s Power Meter.

2 2. Dr. Eggman

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It just makes sense. We’ve got Mario and Bowser, Samus and Ridley, Link and Ganondorf. What is a hero without their nemesis? With mechanical prowess and a ridiculous IQ, Eggman could have an amazing arsenal of weapons at his disposal. He could fight from inside his Egg Mobile, shooting lasers as a neutral special attack. A robot could be built to defend him as a side special, in the same way that Zelda uses Phantom Slash. He could even have a special move where he flies upwards and swings the classic wrecking ball from underneath the Egg Mobile.

1 1. Professor Layton

via: Destructoid

I could write a whole essay on why the finest puzzling professor should be in Smash, but that’s for another day. Some might argue: “but he doesn’t fight!” That’s where you’re wrong. In the six major games across the Professor Layton series, the Professor has taken on more enemies than cups of tea. He’s a fantastic swordsman, as seen in The Diabolical Box. He could even use the coin gun that he built – yes, built – in The Unwound Future.

As for his Final Smash, he could perform his iconic “the person responsible... is you!” moment, his pointed finger sending opponents flying. I’m calling it: Layton for Smash!

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