The 4.0.0 patch for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is here and it has brought numerous balance changes to the game.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate now has the Hero from Dragon Quest and online tournaments, as well as some other minor additions to the game.

All of the changes come from the official Super Smash Bros. Ultimate patch notes, which can be found here.

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The Users Of Certain Up Attack Combos - Nerfed


There are some up attack combos that will no longer launch enemies as far if every move in the combo doesn't connect. These include Link's Spin Attack, Samus and Dark Samus' up smash, the Parasol moves used by Princess Daisy and Princess Peach, and Charizard's up smash.

Mii Gunner's up smash also has reduced launch if all of the hits don't connect, but the moves have been altered so that they now connect more reliably.

The Users Of Descending Moves - Altered

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The mechanics of several moves with descending motions have changed, as they now cause the character to immediately descend if used after being launched. These include the down air attacks of Sheik, Bowser, Mr. Game and Watch, Zero Suit Samus, Sonic, Toon Link, Greninja, Bayonetta, Corrin, Simon, and Richter.

Mewtwo - Buffed

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Mewtwo has received several buffs in the latest patch. Mewtwo's tail has a smaller hurtbox, its up smash has better hit detection and more launch distance, its down smash has reduced vulnerability, its back throw deals more damage, and Confusion is faster and has an easier time reflecting projectiles.


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Dark Pit & Pit - Buffed

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The two Pits received buffs in the latest patch. Both Pits have faster jabs, reduced vulnerability on their up tilts, extended launch on the first hit of their down smash attack, reduced vulnerability when landing after using their back air, and a better launch distance when spiking with their down air.

Ivysaur - Nerfed


Ivysaur has earned some well-deserved nerfs in the latest patch. The sweet spot of Ivysaur's down air has been reduced (goodbye spore cloud spikes), Razor Leaf is slower and has more vulnerability, and the aerial version of Vine Whip has less KO'ing potential when connecting with the sweet spot.

Charizard - Buffed


It's not all bad for the Pokémon trainers of the world, as Charizard received some buffs in the new patch.

Charizard's side tilt deals more knockback when hit with the sweet spot, its side smash deals more damage and has more launch distance, its neutral air has longer hit detection and less landing lag, its forward throw has more launch distance, and the speed of its edge grab has been increased.

Lucas - Buffed


Lucas has received several buffs in the latest Super Smash Bros. Ultimate patch. His dash attack has longer hit detection, his side tilt has increased range and better launch with its sweet spot, his up smash has longer invulnerability at the start of the move, his up air has reduced vulnerability, and PK Fire has less landing lag when used in the air.

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Olimar - Buffed


Olimar was hit pretty hard in the last patch, but Sakurai and his crew have decided to throw him a bone. When Olimar uses a Purple Pikmin as part of his side smash attack, it will have a better hit detection and will now launch opponents further.

R.O.B - Nerfed

R.O.B. Super Smash Bros

R.O.B had the potential to perform a long-lasting combo with his jabs, though it wasn't easy to pull off. This combo is now gone, as the latest update for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has reduced the amount of time the opponent is in the damage animation during R.O.B's jabs.

Villager - Minor Buff


The Villager from Animal Crossing received a minor buff in the form of his up smash attack connection more reliably with its multiple hits.

The Mii Fighters - Buffed

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All three of the Mii Fighters have been altered in the latest patch.

The Mii Brawler received a nerf in the form of its falling speed reverting to its 3.0.0 behavior, which means that it's can't auto-cancel from its forward aerial anymore. The Mii Brawler received buffs in the form of Soaring Axe Kick launching opponents further and Flashing Mach Punch having less startup lag and better launch distance. The multiple hits of the Mii Swordfighter's Blurring Blade attack now connect more reliably. The Mii Gunner was also altered (as mentioned in the changes to up attacks section).

Corrin - Buffed (Again)


Corrin fell pretty hard in the transition from Super Smash Bros. 3DS/Wii U to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, but he has been receiving a steady stream of buffs in the updates.

Corrin's side smash attack has increased launch distance, Dragon Lunge has less vulnerability when used on the ground (after Corrin stabs the ground with his lance), and Dragon Ascent travels higher and further.

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Ridley - Buffed

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The Metroid fans can rejoice, as Ridley has received some much-needed buffs. Ridley's up smash has better launch distance and hit detection, his back air deals more damage, his up air's sweet spot is larger, his dash attack has a longer range, the Space Pirate Rush has reduced vulnerability and extended launch distance when throwing an opponent off the edge of the stage, and Wing Blitz is faster and stronger.

Isabelle - Buffed

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It's now easier to cheer Isabelle on, as she has received a few buffs in the latest patch. Isabelle's forward/backward air dodges travel more distance, her neutral attack has an easier time connecting with multiple hits, her up smash has more launch distance, her Fishing Rod has swifter hit detection and launches upward further, and the Lloid Trap attack is now faster.

Pirahna Plant - Buffed

Super Smash Bros Piranha Plant
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Piranha Plant has received a few buffs. Its Long-Stem Strike has reduced vulnerability, deals more damage to shields, and takes less time to reach max charge. Poison Breath is faster and lasts longer, and its up tilt has reduced vulnerability. The launch angle of its dash attack has also been altered.

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