Any Super Smash Bros. game, as fans will tell you, is all about mastering character combos. It's partially about knowing how best to utilize power-ups and your environment, too. But it's mostly the character and combo thing. As such, it pays off to play different characters until you find the right one for your style.

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The young Hero of Time is a scrappy little fighter in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. He's a fun sword-based character to play as, but there are a few subtle additions in Ultimate that make this kid deadly on the battlefield. Follow these tips on how to play Young Link to dominate your opponents be they human or AI.

General Strategy

Young Link Taunt Super Smash Bros Ultimate
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Young Link is a great all-around character to play as. He's fast, can deal out decent damage, and has multiple moves at his disposal that can throttle your opponents out of the ring.

The overall play at the beginning is to volley fire arrows to give some damage and use bombs sparingly; you want to make sure they don't explode on you. Link can also solve puzzles with these bombs in a fan-made 4K remaster of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D, by the way.

His Trusty Longshot

Young Link Chain Ledge Super Smash Bros Ultimate Switch
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Grabbing is easier than other combatants in the Smash roster as Young Link has a longshot that has some range. Link up a fire arrow and then, while your opponents are stunned, grab them with the chain. The longshot can also be used as an extended ledge grab seen above.

Once enough damage has been dealt, go for a forward grab attack; once the opponent is in the air, dish out a forward air to finish them off. His forward smash attack is also unpredictable as you can delay the second follow-up strike.

Young Link Up A Tilt Super Smash Bros Ultimate
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Young Link's array of sword moves are exceptionally useful in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. His tilt attacks offer a great range -- especially when he strikes upwards. His range covers in front and above him with this one attack. That means that it can be a good juggling move.

But Young Link still has more tricks up his sleeves. The down-tilt attack, in particular, is a good way to trip up fellow Smashers as it can be used to lob someone in the air; you can then follow it up with a devastating air move.

His Moves In The Air Are Deceptively Useful

Young Link Pit Super Smash Bros Ultimate
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A keep-away attack that damages the opponent with a surprising 12% is Young Link's kick in the air with a neutral A. You can use it as a wall to block off opponents as it pushes them away. The nice thing is that this move can linger if you hold it down. Pit should have learned how to read his foe!

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Up A in the air is a completely vertical slash that is a good follow-up to someone being juggled. It's an abrupt cheeky way to finish off the enemy, but watch out as you're open to opportunists on the left and the right.

Down A in the air is even more dangerous as once you input it, you're committed. You can slam down on your enemy fast and stave off fighters who attempt to attack you in the air; it often has priority. You should know that the downward hit can linger for a second bounce like Shovel Knight. We wouldn't recommend using it off stage as it will lead to your quick downfall and is hard to recover from.

Forward A in the air is the best poking move that Young Link has at his disposal too as he slashes twice towards unsuspecting foes.

It's Time To Smash (Responsively)

Young Link Smash Super Smash Bros Ultimate Switch
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Moving on to the smashing attacks: this little phenom has multiple ways (albeit risky ways) to knock out his opponent. Link's forward smash is a volley of two strikes with one being delayed. If the first hit misses, you can always surprise the opponent with a secondary slash that will leave them flying. However, if you miss both attacks, Link's in trouble as there's a slight stagger. The down smash is even more surprising but isn't as risky.

Within an instant, it can throw off people who weren't expecting a lower attack out of the blue. This is a good move to use when edge guarding as it can reach an opponent who is just about to grab the ledge. The upwards smash can be a great finisher too and can hit an unwilling Ganondorf (or any other Smash Bro) who jumps above your head as he goes back into the stage from a ledge.

Young Link Up B Super Smash Bros Ultimate
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We explained the bomb and the arrow in the general strategy section, but we should mention his Up B moves. On the ground, he can spin in place and create a vortex slice that can pull in nearby opponents. It's often not useful as other Smash players can detect it a mile away.

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His Up-B mid-jump is also risky as he springs into the air with a flurry of slashes and staggers slightly; if this attack misses, you're in big trouble. If you can land it, it can certainly finish off someone in a stunning fashion.

The side B move is a boomerang that can be moved on a tilt. It can be a great way to deter enemies from edge guarding you and it can throw them in a loop mid-combat as the boomerang returns to Link.

Conclusion: A Solid Competitor

Super Smash Bros Young Link Guide
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If you master Young Link on the battlefield, he will be a force to be reckoned with. Keep these strategies in mind:

  • Be careful of overextending with his sword attacks and leaving Link open
  • Use the bombs occasionally as they can explode in a matter of seconds
  • Take advantage of his ranged attacks like the boomerang and the fire arrow
  • His neutral air attack is exceptionally useful when edge guarding and can throw the opponent off their game
  • The longshot is your friend. Use it whenever you're in trouble

He's tiny but he can measure up to the likes of Sephiroth and Min Min with practice and timing.

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