In a side turn of events, it looks like the development of System Shock 3 has been put on indefinite hold. According to a new report from VGC, the team at OtherSide Entertainment that was working on the project is "no longer employed" at the studio. An anonymous source told the publication this news and confirmed that the LinkedIn profiles of numerous team members have been updated to indicate they are no longer employed at the company.

In a post over on RPGCodex, the anonymous user wrote, "The only reason I'm posting is because I saw so much confusion about the state of the company and the project I thought some first-person information would be welcome." They then postulated that if original publisher Starbreeze hadn't gone into financial crisis, that the team likely could have delivered something "fresh and innovative."

When Starbreeze sold the System Shock rights back to OtherSide, many hoped it would signal a more impassioned development cycle. With everyone having full creative control, this could have been the sequel fans have waited decades for. Sadly, it looks like that move caused more issues than it solved. OtherSide reportedly had to search for a new publisher despite claims to the contrary and that led to the project being "critically behind" in certain areas.


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Via: VGC

While this story seems to be coming from a reliable source, it should be noted that a lot of this is unverified. With the employee being anonymous, it's hard to know how much truth is being told. It doesn't look good for System Shock 3, though. It's hard to refute LinkedIn pages with key employees no longer listing OtherSide Entertainment.

It also falls in line with reports from December of last year. OtherSide had confirmed layoffs at the studio and expressed concern for the future of the company. Former community manager Sam Luangkhot said, "I know people are concerned about the state of the studio. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't worried as well."

Maybe the power of SHODAN became too much to handle. While it is sad that System Shock 3 may never become a reality, hopefully, the people affected by the loss of their jobs land on their feet. That is more important.

Source: VGC

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